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90-percent's Journal
90-percent's Journal
July 28, 2016

I supported Bernie enthusiastically in the primary

And I think you are correct, the theme for this election is government corruption and the great unwashed finally getting some sense that the "establishment" and "the powers that be" have rigged the game in their favor at the expense of those of us that live in the bottom 95% of the American economy.


Those of us with decent critical thinking skills fully understand that Drumpf will make things much worse and accelerate worldwide human misery somewhat less than the run up to WW2, but still much worse than perhaps even the recent Great Recession. And he's got the best chance since Roe v. Wade to overturn a woman's right to choose. Evangelicals are rabid anti-abortion and boy do they vote. Even to the point of electing a morally bankrupt slimeball if he sounds like an earnest pro-birther.

So the relative merits of our choice is clear; Drumpf would make things much much worse and his entire career is based on the art of the swindle. Why the hell anybody would find a mentally ill sociopathic bully-swindler to be Presidential material is incomprehensible to me. But, I do think he's tapped into the same zone as Bernie, as far as fixing the magnitude of outright corruption cancerizing our government.

Apparently, to paraphrase Frank Zappa, the Democratic Party wouldn't know who our best candidate to win the election is if it came up and bit them in the ass!

-90% Jimmy

July 27, 2016

Agenda driven corporate propaganda

And people like me are left out in the cold because we congenitally can't genuflect to our corporate overlords to the degree they demand.

The PTB's really want to return to the economic model of the middle ages, don't they?

Greedy stupid prick selfish sociopaths, the lot of them. But, judging by Drumpf, we American's just love our Oligarchs!

-90% Jimmy


July 16, 2016

Floating a trial balloon for the Trump-Pence campaign


Because nothing says Americans kick ass like resorting to the same methods as the terrorists we fear and despise.

-90% Jimmy

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Gee - my profile info didn't migrate from the old DU I guess? The main thing - 90% refers to the maximum allowable percentage of nitromethane fuel permitted in modern NHRA Top Fuel and Funny cars. Which is what makes current "nostalgia nitro" so cool - you can still "tip the can" and run straight nitro, if you want to. I'm an aging northeast liberal with an overdeveloped justice gland. OUR INSTITUTIONS ARE INFESTED WITH GREEDY AND CORRUPT SOCIOPATHS

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