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90-percent's Journal
90-percent's Journal
December 7, 2017

lucy charlie football

republics do entrapment and personal destruction. because it works. witness o'keefe's most recent bogus moore accuser washington post "sting". well, that didnt work out so well, but he did the deed destroying acorn.

doesn't leannes association with hannity and stone seem exactly like an o'keefe plan? the same entrapment over and over.....And isn't there a pot of corrupt cash waiting to reward leanne, like the way o'keefe gets fucking millions of dollars donated to his non-profit?

why do not the senate dems calling for his head practice basic principles of democracy - like due process? get the investigation going. put leanne under oath.

its like senate dems believe in burning witches or human sacrifice? stoning on the town green. it's like the dems are content with being only 20% less cruel and despicable than republics!

dems, you fools, you cant negotiate with republics. they have no sense of basic human decency!

-90% jimmy

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Name: Jim
Gender: Male
Current location: Barkhamsted, CT
Member since: Sat Jul 3, 2004, 08:36 AM
Number of posts: 6,845

About 90-percent

Gee - my profile info didn't migrate from the old DU I guess? The main thing - 90% refers to the maximum allowable percentage of nitromethane fuel permitted in modern NHRA Top Fuel and Funny cars. Which is what makes current "nostalgia nitro" so cool - you can still "tip the can" and run straight nitro, if you want to. I'm an aging northeast liberal with an overdeveloped justice gland. OUR INSTITUTIONS ARE INFESTED WITH GREEDY AND CORRUPT SOCIOPATHS
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