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Member since: Thu Aug 12, 2004, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 40,416

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Home town: Detroit, MI Current residence: Paris, MI. Manistee Nat\'l Forest.

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Please! When you post about a candidate, include their Web site.

I see many threads on DU advocating for a candidate. That's good!

But I see few of them including a link to the candidate's Web site. That's not good. If you care enough about a candidate to post a new thread, at least show the very generous DUers where they can go to help out.

I, with my very low bandwidth, am always adding campaign URLs to threads which should have included them in the OP.

All candidate advocacy threads should include the following:

If you want to help <candidate> here's their Web site <URL>

Please, just take the time to do this. Make it easy for everybody, even those of us with dialup bandwidth.

on edit: Most important are the House races. If we are going to take back the House, we will have to coagulate our defecation (get our shit together). Never, ever post a thread about a Dem Congress candidate without a link to their Web site.

A Little End of the World Gem on THIS!

No cable here, but THIS! Out of Grand Rapids, MI is showing one of my faves, Miracle Mile. It's a kind of kooky movie, low budget, and no-name actors. And Mare Winningham in a mullet hair cut.

The whole thing was filmed on location, probably within a mile of the Le Brea Tar Pits in LA.

It is a catchy little film with a Tangerine Dream soundtrack.

As I said, a little gem.

The joy of serving their man. I think.

It is a sotta voce message to Republican women. Phyllis Schlafly has been doing it for decades. It is what the male dominated authoritarian Republican culture is all about. Women are mere surrogates for other subjugated women, nothing more.

"Now you girls get back into the kitchen." That's what she's really saying.

Cocktail hour is open. Please toast to a beautiful week.

With the beverage of your choice.

Mine is a little rye whiskey and water.

Revel in a wonderful week. But stay relatively sober because we've got to hit the streets tomorrow to seal the deal and bring this sucker home.

The DNC has done sufficient, even awesome, spade work. But that isn't going to complete the deal. Tomorrow we begin the long slog to November 6. But tonight we deserve a well earned celebration.

Sköl! My great DU friends. I love you all.

on edit: potable alcohol optional, of course.
Non-potable options may also exist.

Awesome framing: "You did that!"

It's a thread weaving through everything he's said tonight. He gives all the credit to the people.

Absolutely awesome.

Here comes our President! nt

JOE!!!!!!!!! nt

Fucking PBS doing the balancing act!!!

They have a Republican douche rocket with an "Obama is not workin" graphic behind him, yapping lies about Obama's first term. Had to mute the audio.

Hey! PBS? Fuck balance. This is our week. The douche bags had their chance last week and all they had was a fucking empty chair.


Big Dawg School House

And the house is eating out of his hands.


Martini time! Sköl everybody!

Or, your beverage of choice.

Raise a glass!

I love you all. And I love this convention.
And I love my President and all who work with him.

Here's to that!
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