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Member since: Thu Sep 9, 2004, 09:57 PM
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IMHO, the Republicans Think the Unemployed Are Refusing to Work.

That's why they talk about unemployment benefits causing a "culture of dependency." They think those out of work would have accepted jobs if they didn't have that sweet, sweet free money coming in. Because in their world, there are just jobs all over. But there aren't -- there aren't tons of good jobs sitting open. I don't even really think there are tons of low-paying jobs open, either.

Of course, they also think working three or four jobs (for a poor person, one of the lower classes like we are to them) is a problem. Why not? What sort of lives could any of us have, anyway? Why not fill it with meaningless and mind-numbing work? Work that leaves us too tired to think, particularly about by whom and how we are being screwed?

I know this is not news, but sometimes, I just have to write this stuff out because it's just so sickening.

Do we really want our elected officials to get along?

This was inspired by learning that Chris Matthews apparently wrote some book about how wonderful it was during the Reagan administration when everybody was just all chumming together there in Washington.

First of all, that makes me wonder if drugs were really that much better back in the 80's, but seriously, would we really want that today? With this bunch? When you have a gang of people in Congress who want to cut any sort of social safety net, gut Social Security, cut food stamps, fight against raising the pathetically low minimum wage -- are these people that we would want Dems to be friendly with?

I know we've had discussion on whether or not we lay liberals can really be friends with conservatives, and I think we can, but I think it's different with the politicians. I really don't want to see the Obamas having dinner with the Boehners. Because Boehner is an obstructionist ass at the very least. When one side is trying to push us to a pseudo-theocracy that can better serve their corporate masters and the 1%, I don't want the other side playing nice with them.

Quick, obvious thought about "small" businesses vs. Obamacare

Every time someone mentions raising the minimum wage, you get tons of businesses claiming that they'll have to reduce staff. It's just what they do. Anything that might require them to put more money towards the people who work for them causes them to start with the "reduction in staff" threats. So, this really has little to do with Obamacare. It's just business as usual.

And I say this as someone who has family members who run businesses, some of whom will actually be required to do something under Obamacare.
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