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Laelth's Journal
Laelth's Journal
March 1, 2020

Which of these old white guys can beat Donald Trump?

Joe Biden Age 77 (Joe is the youngest of this group!)

Bernie Sanders Age 78

Michael Bloomberg Age 78

Daffy Duck Age 82 (In all fairness to Daffy, he may not qualify as a white guy.)

I honestly can not believe that, in 2020, given the depth of our bench, the diversity of our party, and the obvious excellence of our candidates, my party seems determined to nominate one of these old, white guys. Admittedly, each and every one of them is far better than Agent Orange.

Blue no matter who.


February 27, 2020

I have to pull out the big guns, now.

The American people think they deserve what Bernie Sanders is promising to fight for:

1. Universal, taxpayer-funded health care for all.
2. A massive increase in the minimum wage.
3. Free college tuition at state colleges and universities.
4. Student loan debt relief.

Bernie is relentless in hammering home his intention to fight for these things for the American people. His message is focused, and it resonates. That's why he is winning.

The Democratic Party needs to get with the program. The American people don't give a darn about how we are going to pay for these things. They're just happy to vote for some politician who's willing to fight for what they think (rightly) that they deserve. I strongly encourage Democrats to listen to the people and follow them as Gandhi did for his own people. The cost to our party will be immense if we don't.

February 19, 2020

Does it matter to you (or to the electorate) that these two people are NOT married?

Michael Bloomberg and potential First Girlfriend Diana Taylor

Of our 45 presidents, to date, 44 have been married. James Buchanan, elected in 1884, is the only President who was not married when he became President. Does this matter to us any more?

More importantly, for your consideration, will this be an issue at tonight's debate in Nevada? Will the moderators bring up this issue? Will Bloomberg's opponents bring up this issue? Should they? Does it even matter?

February 17, 2020

"What Obama Is Saying in Private About the Democratic Primary"

What Obama Is Saying in Private About the Democratic Primary

NewYork Magazine - By Gabriel Debenedetti - 02-17-2020

The truth of Obama’s silence on the 2020 primary is that it’s not just about his obvious wish to stay out of the spotlight, but it also reflects a choreographed strategy. With the race looking more and more likely to grow bitter and messy, and maybe even wind up in a contested convention, the former president and those around him are increasingly sure he will need to play a prominent role in bringing the party back together and calming its tensions later this summer, including perhaps in Milwaukee, where the party’s meeting is scheduled to be held in July. So he is committed to not allowing his personal thoughts to dribble out in the meantime, directly or via leaks, conscious of how any sense that he’s taking sides in intraparty disputes could rock the primary in the short run and potentially undermine his ability to play this larger role in the months ahead. “He says one sentence about being woke at some conference, and the Twitterverse freaks out,” recalled one of his friends, referring to the former president’s comments at an Obama Foundation meeting in Chicago that set off a firestorm. He and his advisors “are very aware [of the effect of] one word that Barack Obama says.” And he’s being careful to ensure he can be seen as an honest broker in June and July — a potentially necessary designation given both his status as the party’s most popular figure and the real possibility that Sanders, or another candidate, could enter the summer with a plurality of the delegates needed for the nomination but not an outright victory. “Obama is going to look at the [delegate math to determine] the outcome. If the math brings someone [to the nomination], he’ll back it in full,” one person who still speaks with the former president told me recently. “His biggest dilemma is if Bernie is at 35-40 [percent of the delegates], and no one else is [at] 20. Does he say, ‘You have to go with who won [a plurality of] the delegates, and who looks to be the true front-runner?’”

But Obama is hardly the only Democrat sweating that particular possibility, especially with Michael Bloomberg — who some in Obama’s orbit favor but many regard warily — poised to swoop in on the process in March. Sorting out that confusion might be the most complicated scenario for Obama, the person added. The reality might be more simple: “It’s not gonna happen before the convention, [but] he’s gonna be all-in for Bernie if he’s the nominee.”



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I am a native Georgian who's currently hiding out in Texas. I am a liberal, and I am extremely proud of the imperfect (but evolving) republic that we call the United States of America.
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