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Laelth's Journal
Laelth's Journal
May 24, 2020

Every republic that has ever existed has been an oligarchy.

The United States is a republic. Therefore, it is an oligarchy. We just have to accept this fact. Oligarchies can be benevolent (if they are liberal—if they are dedicated to spreading the wealth that capitalism generates to ALL the people), or they can be malevolent (if they are dedicated to concentrating wealth in the hands of the richest and most powerful among us).

I am a capitalist and a liberal. I favor a benign oligarchy that enriches us all, but I will not deceive myself by thinking that the United States isn’t an oligarchy. It is, for better or for worse.

Accepting the truth as you perceive it IS NOT brainwashing. It’s just painful acceptance of truths that your previous belief system could not encompass.


May 16, 2020

Just Doggie Pics

You know you want this ball.


Tired dog ... but I am still guarding that frisbee.


May 2, 2020

I am not giving up my U.S. Passport.

For all its flaws, the United States of America remains the greatest nation in the history of the Earth.

We have the world’s largest economy, despite having less than 1/3 the population of China, our nearest competitor. We have the greatest military empire that the world has ever seen. Our reach is truly global—far surpassing the military might of any previous empire. Our language is the world’s dominant language. Our arts are consumed globally. Our products (from Coca-Cola to Apple Iphones) are highly desired and consumed globally. We even created the internet and gave it to the world FOR FREE.

No. We are the definition of a GREAT COUNTRY, and not even Donald Trump and his Republican minions can destroy us. We have serious problems, sure. I would like to continue to address those problems, but I will not deny the obvious truth ... that the United States of America is GREAT.


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About Laelth

I am a native Georgian who's currently hiding out in Texas. I am a liberal, and I am extremely proud of the imperfect (but evolving) republic that we call the United States of America.
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