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Laelth's Journal
Laelth's Journal
July 1, 2020

I seldom recall my dreams.

When I do recall them, they’re often like the dream you describe. They’re about guilt. In them, I am beating myself up for something I DIDN’T DO. I have to wake myself fully and remind myself that I didn’t actually do what I had just dreamed and that there’s no way on Earth I would ever have done such a thing.

And it’s often just a minor thing. Borrowing somebody’s computer to send an email is NO BIG DEAL, right? Nobody really got hurt, but you still felt enormous guilt about having invaded someone’s personal space (and you need to remember that you didn’t actually do that). You just dreamt that you did. You’re beating yourself up for NOTHING that you actually did. The dream pattern you describe is very familiar to me.

My guess is that one or both of your parents and one or more of your siblings suffers from a Cluster B personality disorder. You have been punished for things you didn’t actually do all your life. You were the family scapegoat. When anything went wrong, you got the blame. You still blame yourself for things that are not your fault. You are subconsciously working through a lifetime of injustice.

Just wake up and remember. You didn’t do what you dreamed. You are innocent of MOST of the crimes people have accused you of committing. The ones you actually did commit, you have apologized for and have tried to make amends. You do not have to be perfect. Nobody is. You have had one or more “perfect people” (only in their own minds) criticizing you all your life, and that is an enormous weight to bear. You are simply working through that lifelong (and possibly continuing) trauma.


June 26, 2020

Friday, August 21, 2020

This is the Friday immediately preceding the Republican National Convention. Trump’s bowing out before the convention will give them the opportunity to nominate someone else—probably VP Pence.

The reason will NOT be his health. He’s incapable of admitting weakness. It will be for the good of the American people because the Fake News Media, the deep state, and the evil Democrats never actually gave him a chance to govern. He, and the American people, were ROBBED of what could have been a golden age by bitter, petty people who couldn’t stand to see him succeed.

Personally, I don’t think that he’s dropping out, but, if he does, I think it will go down as I described, above.


June 24, 2020

"Law and Order" is a losing strategy for Trump.

It only works if you are the challenger, not if you are the incumbent. Nixon was able to pull off a victory in 1968 because he was the challenger. LBJ and the ruling Democratic Party were held responsible for the civil unrest that rocked several American cities that year. Nixon won, in part, on his promise to restore “law and order.”

2020 is different. The civil unrest that we are experiencing is far more widespread and far more disciplined than it was in 1968. Trump OWNS this civil unrest. Because he’s a moron, he also now owns his defense of memorials to people who fought to protect slavery. Talk about being tone-deaf!

But now he’s running on the law and order platform, and he can’t do anything to stop the civil unrest we are seeing. He’s just proving himself to be impotent—issuing unenforceable orders left and right but having NO EFFECT. He looks weak. He looks impotent. He can’t stop the civil unrest, so his “law and order” strategy is backfiring on him.

Right now, he’s promising something that he can’t deliver. Why would anyone give him a second chance to accomplish something that he can’t accomplish NOW?

He has, because he’s really stupid, chosen a losing strategy.


June 23, 2020

I didn't know she was Jewish. Interesting.

But I want to add a fictional conversation, here, between Gibson and his agent that immediately followed this interview:

Agent: Mel, this is Agent. I just saw you on Jake Tapper’s show.
Mel: Yeah? What did you think?
Agent: I think you’re an absolute, friggin’ moron who just made my job ten times harder. That’s what I think.
Mel: Now, wait a minute. You work for me.
Agent: That’s right. I actually WORK FOR YOU. I got you that appearance so that you could get some public exposure, look good, and remind everyone out there that you are still available for acting gigs. And you screw it all up by accusing Winona Ryder of being an “oven dodger.” An “oven dodger?” How am I supposed to work with that?
Mel: I was just joking.
Agent: Oh, I know. Hardy har har. Look, moron, that shit ain’t funny, and nobody is gonna care that you were “just joking.” You said it. People heard it, and now I am stuck with it. It’s gonna be MUCH harder for me to get you acting roles again.
Mel: I don’t have to listen to this shit. You work for me.
Agent: At this point, I will be lucky if I can get you a commercial gig peddling depends underwear, but I’ll try.
Mel: I can fire your ass, you know.
Agent: Go ahead! I doubt you could find another respectable agent at this point.
Mel thinks about it.
Mel: Fine. I’m going out for a drink. I’ll talk to you in the morning.
Agent: You do that. Just keep your mouth shut when you’re out in public, OK? That will be best for all concerned.


June 20, 2020

Don't be offended, my friend.

There are quite a few English teachers on DU, and many others who are gifted with languages. As a general rule, we DO NOT correct anyone’s grammar, but if you engage with us, we will come out to play.


June 16, 2020

This is a GREAT DAY for the United States of America.

The Supreme Court has ruled that “gender” is a protected class under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That means that businesses can not take “adverse employment action”—firing, not hiring, demoting, or otherwise penalizing employees on the basis of their gender, be they gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or whatever. This is a major change in American law. Previously, a gay person could be fired just for being gay. That was perfectly legal. That changed today. Previously, a gay person could be denied services at “common carrier” businesses like hotels and restaurants just because they were gay. That changed today. We have no idea what the further implications of this ruling will be, but they will be significant, and they will be good.

The Clean Water Act has been preserved. The Trump administration sought to effectively gut the act, and the SCOTUS denied the government’s plea to gut the Act. This is a major victory for those of us who value our environment.

The SCOTUS ruled that the State of Texas can not execute a suspect who was denied effective assistance of counsel. Previously, the SCOTUS has declined to hear such cases—allowing the state of Texas to execute prisoners as it saw fit. This time the SCOTUS decided that it would hear the case if Texas decided to execute someone who made an “ineffective assistance of counsel argument.” This is an enormous change in SCOTUS jurisprudence.

But THE MAIN THING is this. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Niel Gorsuch joined 4 liberals on the Court in these decisions, giving us a 6-3 majority. Gorsuch actually wrote the opinion securing LGBT+!rights. This is an ENORMOUS and EXCELLENT change. I will not promise that it will last, but, for the moment, I feel that this is a great day for the United States—a day worthy of celebration.


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