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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 12:18 AM
Number of posts: 74,622

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John James is going full Trump, refusing to concede to Gary Peters

John James is going full Trump, refusing to concede to Gary Peters
Posted By Lee DeVito on Thu, Nov 5, 2020 at 4:34 pm

(Detroit Metro Times) While Republican Senate candidate John James has done his best to distance himself from President Donald Trump on the campaign trail, it seems now he's embracing the President's worst impulses — spreading a conspiracy theory about a rigged election without evidence and refusing to concede.

Incumbent Democrat Gary Peters declared victory in Tuesday's very close race on Wednesday. On Thursday, the John James campaign put out the following statement:

"This campaign is not about me, it never has been. It’s about the People of Michigan. Every vote must count, and elections must be fair and honest.

"Fair elections are at the foundation of representative democracy. American citizens deserve to know that the democratic process has not been circumvented by the powerful or politically connected. While not everyone wins in an election, voters must be confident that the election was fair and honest.

"Failure to do so, is the end of democracy.

"I put my life on the line in Iraq— where I flew missions to protect free and fair elections. I care all the more that free and fair elections take place in Michigan— where I was born and raised.

"While Senator Peters is currently ahead, I have deep concerns that millions of Michiganders may have been disenfranchised by a dishonest few who cheat.

"When this process is complete, I will of course accept the results and the will of the people, but at this time there is enough credible evidence to warrant an investigation to ensure that elections were conducted in a transparent, legal and fair manner.

"Those who object likely have something to hide."

Exactly what evidence of cheating James is referring to is not clear. He could be referring to a lawsuit from President Donald Trump's campaign demanding the count of ballots be halted until poll watchers could gain "meaningful access" to the process. But Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stephen dismissed the case because Michigan's ballots have mostly already been counted and poll watchers were allowed access to the process. ...........(more)


Oh, the meme-ery!

Florida man pulls gun after being told he has small penis, police say

He just whipped it out.

A Florida man pulled a gun Halloween night after a second Florida man told him he had a small penis, police said.

Cops said Dustin Kouns, 21, revved his Jeep’s engine in Key West traffic, leading Toby Keaton to step out of his own vehicle and say, “You must have a small d---,” the Florida Keys Keynoter reported. Kouns responded by whipping out his 9-millimeter Smith & Wesson handgun, according to police. ...........(more)


Biden crosses the 50% plateau in Michigan.


It's like the Brooks Brothers riot, but with morons.....

(Detroit Free Press) A chaotic scene erupted outside the vote tally room at TCF Center in Detroit as election officials informed dozens of challengers that they could not reenter the room due to it being over-capacity.

People gathered outside the ballot counting area pounded on the doors and windows, shouting, “Let us in” and “Stop the count” as only about a half-dozen tables continued to count ballots.

Police had to push back crowds as they argued to be allowed in the vote-counting arena. Republicans shouted that they were unfairly being kept out, but then Democratic challengers countered that it was not true because they were being kept outside, too. ...........(more)


Detroit, Milwaukee, Ann Arbor, Madison etc.... Take a bow.

Philadelphia, do yo thang.

99 percent of vote in Michigan, Biden up by 60,000+ .....

.... and most of the remaining count is from blue areas. There are Trumpazoids outside TCF Center in downtown Detroit demanding that the count be halted.

Detroit Free Press: Ignore Trump. Count the votes

(Detroit Free Press) It has never been more important for Americans to ignore Donald Trump.

It has never been more important for Michigan's Republican elected leaders to stand up for the democratic process and the rule of law.

Shortly after 2 a.m. Wednesday, with the election undecided but with his rival leading both the popular vote and the Electoral College tally, the president of the United States claimed victory in his bid for re-election, declared the continuing effort to count lawfully cast ballots a fraud, and vowed to seek confirmation of those absurd claims in the United State Supreme Court. ....... (more)


South Florida shenanigans


Pinellas County Fla. thus far breaking for Biden.

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