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Name: Dennis
Gender: Male
Hometown: Buffalo NY
Home country: US
Current location: Variable
Member since: Thu Nov 11, 2004, 07:38 AM
Number of posts: 10,622

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You need to study up on the topic if you wish to discuss centrists issues. Because in fact those are

centrist positions by design and definition.

A quick primer below: (there is much more to know about the 30 year "Reaganization" effort against our party which is responsible for shifted us so far to the right of center regarding all but social issues, but a few key facts should get you started on understanding "Centrists" and how much damage has been done by them).

New Democrats, in the politics of the United States, are an ideologically centrist faction within the Democratic Party that emerged after the victory of Republican George H. W. Bush in the 1988 presidential election. They are identified with centrist social/cultural/pluralist positions and neoliberal fiscal values. They are represented by organizations such as the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the New Democrat Network, and the Senate and House New Democrat Coalitions.

After the landslide electoral losses to Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, a group of prominent Democrats began to believe their party was in need of a radical shift in economic policy and ideas of governance. The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was founded in 1985 by Al From and a group of like-minded politicians and strategists. They advocated a political "Third Way" as a method to achieve the electoral successes of Reaganism by adopting similar economic policies (Reagan Democrats and Moderate Republicans would provide burgeoning new constituencies after adding these new economic policies and politicians to our tent they contended) While hoping to retain, woman, minorities and other social issues allies with long ties to the party. Such would be their new Democratic coalition forged between fiscal right and social left under the "New" Democratic banner.

The term Third Way refers to various political positions which try to reconcile right-wing and left-wing politics by advocating a varying synthesis of right-wing economic and left-wing social policies. Third Way was created as a serious re-evaluation of political policies within various centre-left progressive movements in response to international doubt regarding the economic viability of the state; economic interventionist policies that had previously been popularized by Keynesianism and contrasted with the corresponding rise of popularity for neo liberalism and the New Right. In a sense, 80s Moderate Republicans are almost identical to "Third Way" Democrats, one reason I found Obama's statement that he was, policy wise, closest to an 80's Republican refreshingly honest and at the time I gave him kudos for his honesty.

the woman in the example can only afford to eat free meals at the center

Your proposal would have her take money out of her medication to subsidize an INCREASE in expenditure due to having to buy food stuffs and pay the extra energy costs to cook.

You really think lowering her meager check via Chained CPI will do anything but harm her? I know you neolibs loved the chained CPI and think of course, she's is living high on the hog, it is this person that must find cheaper alternatives for everything (neat trick with medication as the chained CPI ignores the cost INCREASES there. Also you geniuses pretend you don't realize that having found the cheapest (rice and beans that you think is good enough for old people, even cat food being out of reach), what then? Having already chosen the cheapest alternative this scam ASSUMES that they will be able to chose yet cheaper, each year into infinity even tho there is nothing cheaper than the cheapest.

Your statements thus far reveal a cold hearted "pragmatist" that would cut what has already been paid for just to pretend to save money from the budget by not having to redeem SS's investments via the 3 trillion dollars these people have accrued with their money (not the budget's) in T bills to cover these already meager checks.

Centrists are cruel and heartless bastards. IMNSHO
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