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Gender: Female
Hometown: outside of St. Louis
Home country: us
Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 10:47 PM
Number of posts: 3,207

Journal Archives

For Thanksgiving...

It seems like since election day there is much sadness and worry. Every time I go on the Internet there is a new punch in the gut.
I just finished making pumpkin pies with my grandsons and I realized what I need to do by tomorrow...I need to remember that for today and tomorrow, Obama is still the president. This small thought makes me feel much better. We can only live today. Over the next months and years we are probably going to see some very crazy stuff, some of it may be horrible. But for this week, I am glad that Obama is still the President.
I am thankful for the class and intelligence he and his beautiful family have brought to our country in this time.
Happy Turkey Day to everyone at DU! We have a long hard road ahead, so lets stop and count our blessings and find things to be happy about! (and eat lots of good food, we will need the energy!)

Welcome back, base ball fans!!!

This thread is not technically a sports post!
As a life long Cardinal fan, I was big into the Cubs winning the series! My family poked fun of me for many years, but I held out hope! And they did it!!! So happy that Cub fans got to experience the big win for their team. I know it well as a Cards fan.
Floating along on this surprise, we entered election week. I talked a lot with my 22 year old daughter, who even admitted she was happy for the Cubs. She was not happy about Hillary, but was willing to go to the polls and vote. Thinking about a world where the Cubs won the series and having our first woman president was pretty amazing for us.
Then we woke up on Wednesday morning.
And I gotta say, I am not sure if the Cubs can win the series again! It caused some great shift in the universe that I am not prepared for!!! i thought for sure it would be a positive sign, but then...slam!!!

Seriously, it is great to have DU back. While it was down (and I did see that ugly video the a**holes put up!), i just kept feeling like I couldn't find my comfortable shoes and was having to wear a pair of clunky boots that were two sizes too small!

Now I am feeling better about being connected to those who are feeling much like I am these days.
And no offense intended to Cubbie fans! I was so happy for the team and the city!

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