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John Kerry has invested in Tar Sands Companies too

SO has John Boehner.

And we're picking on Susan Rice because of what..... ?

Come on William Rivers Pitt, whadiya say to that?

According to Open Secrets, John Kerry has invested between 200k and 500k in Devon Energy. According to Muckity Devon Energy Chairman J. Larry Nichols donated 47k to Mitt Romney, while Devon Chief Executive John Richels said in an interview with Dow Jones newswires:

Though he said he believes Keystone XL will eventually be approved by the U.S., he said Devon would be forced to consider other alternatives for its oil-- including a Canadian west-coast pipeline option--if Keystone is rejected by the U.S

Senator Kerry also has a relatively small investment in ABB, noted producers of HVDC marine grid systems of the type that support offshore wind turbines.

Kerry also owns a small piece of Alliant Energy Corporation. According to wiki:

Alliant Energy Corporation is a public utility holding company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Alliant Energy's two regulated utilities include Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL) and Wisconsin Power and Light Company (WPL)

Kerry also owns pieces of 6 different Bain Capitals, AOL, AT&T and no more than 17k fo BP.

But I've become sidetracked, I'll stick to energy investments.

No more than 31k of Cenovus Energy. Cenovus currently has two producing projects in the Alberta oil sands Foster Creek and Christina Lake.

No more than 1k of Consol Energy. In 2010 Kerry sold at least 200k but no more than 500k of Consol. Consol is a major Coal producer based in Pennsylvania.

No more than 500k of Devon Energy as noted above. Devon has 2 projects in the Tar Sands area Jackfish & Pike.

Slightly over 1 million invested with 2 different versions of Kayne Anderson Energy Fund. Not a lot of info available on Kayne.

About 1 million in Noble Energy a Houston based oil and gas company.

No more than 750k in Suncor Energy, they specialize in making syncrude from Tar Sands. Syncrude is the number one product from the Alberta Tar Sands, as I reported last year.

No more than 15k in Wisconsin Energy Corp.

So.... John Kerry has no more than 1.3 million invested in Tar Sands projects, Susan Rice has about the same invested.

SO let me ask you a question, why are we worried about Susan Rices investment in the Tar Sands?

In fact my fellow Democrats, shouldn't we be looking at how John Boehner invests his money? SO I did some inital legwork for you, John has made 8 separate investments totaling no more 365k in companies tied to the Keystone XL pipeline project:

BP, Occidental Petroleum Corp., Chevron, Connocophillips, Devon Energy, Exxon Mobil Corp., Canadian Natural Resources LTD., Emerson Electric Has A $9.4 Billion Contract For Oil Sands Development Support Services.

Boehner And His PAC Have Received At Least $27,500 From Marathon Oil Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12; OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]

In 2007, Marathon Oil Purchased A Large Stake In The Athabasca Oil Sands Region. From Oil & Gas Journal:

Marathon Oil Corp., which is increasing capacities of its US refineries to handle heavy feedstocks, has agreed to buy Western Oil Sands Inc. for $6.5 billion (Can.) in a cash-and-stock deal that gives it a strong position in the Athabasca oil sands of northern Alberta.

Western holds a 20% interest in the Athabasca Oil Sands Project (AOSP), a joint venture operated by Shell Canada, with a 60% interest, and including Chevron Canada, 20%. [...]

Marathon will gain interests in more than 300,000 gross acres, of which an area of over 200,000 acres is expected to be developed by mining. The other acreage holds potential for in situ development. [Oil & Gas Journal, 8/6/07]

Boehner Has Received At Least $25,000 From Chevron Corp. Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]

Boehner Has Received At Least $24,500 From Exxon Mobil Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]

Boehner Has Received At Least $10,000 From ConocoPhillips Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]

Boehner Has Received At Least $10,000 From BP Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]

Boehner Has Received At Least $7,500 From Occidental Petroleum Since 2008. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]

Boehner Received $5,000 From Devon Energy During The 2010 Election Cycle. [OpenSecrets.org, accessed 1/18/12]

But its not like we didn't know John Boehner was a scum bag. Is there any real reason we need to drag Democrats into the same scum that Boehner wallows in? Boehner takes donations from the companies he invests in....

SO how far do we dig? When do we stop digging? Wealthy people have investments, Pharma, energy, blue chips. Some Politicians are very wealthy, so when do we find the perfect nominee for Secretary of State?

At what point do character and brains matter more than mud slinging?




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