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Gender: Male
Hometown: Pelican Bay, TX 76020
Home country: United States
Current location: home
Member since: Thu Jan 20, 2005, 02:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,969

Journal Archives

These are sick people . . .

I had thought that by now; 4 days after 19 children, two teachers were killed and

17 more were wounded by a weapon designed as a prototype for the Vietnam War I would be able to put together a coherant post.

Sorry, I got nothin'.

I've been at this for 40 years and at it in earnest since December 14, 2012. I simply can't comprehend the clusterfuck that unfolded in Uvalde.

I've pieced together the following from eye witnesses, law enforcement and dependable reporting:

trained police (19 of them) were on the scene for at least 40 minutes while the shooter had free run of four classrooms.

teachers told students to be quiet yet police on the scene ran down the halls yelling, 'If you need help call out!' One forth grade girl did and was shot by the 'active shooter' they were hiding from.

while the police (19 of them) milled around afraid to go in a mother broke through the police line, jumped the fence and got her two children out of the school.


The 'Good Guys With Guns' didn't protect those children. Not here and not at dozens of other school shootings.

Would any of the defenders of guns like to come forth and tell me how more guns are going to stop this? Any of you I've 'discussed' this with in the past? You know who your are. The defenders of guns in every situation. The heros and video game wannabes? The ones who see this happen and respond to our calls for change saying, 'Good luck with that' or 'The current Supreme Court will decide the next case in the RIGHT way?


Your vote doesn't count, your cash does.

Only 9% of those polled want less gun regulation yet state after state relax gun laws.

We all know how to change that. Nonprofit Organizations Making Progress Towards Gun Control

We know how to lower gun violence . . .

Let's talk about America, guns and the law . . .

Yeah, lets loosen more gun laws . . . (sarcasm)

On average 50 people a month are killed under Stand Your Ground Laws.

Chandler McClellan and Erdal Tekin, “Stand Your Ground Laws, Homicides, and Injuries,” Journal of Human Resources 52, no. 3 (2017): 621–653.

Samantha Bee for the win . . .

I've noticed . . .

Every time there is an horrific mass shooting the powers that be look at how to 'make us all safer'. In almost every response it comes down to inconviencing us, the victims. Installing metal detectors, doing pat downs at outdoor concerts, holding active shooter drills in schools. Every time the solution is to imose on us, the ones being shot at.

The background check system is a fucking joke. How many of these shootings were done by someone with a manifesto posted on social media. Why doesn't the background check extend to social media? I'm told it's a violation of privacy. Why can I park my car in the Albertson's parking lot and sell my guns to the first guy with cash without a background check? I'm told it's because background checks on private sales is a needless incnovience to 'law abiding citizens'. Why can't we have a national red flag law reported to the background check system? I'm told that red flag laws are 'confiscation', the biggest boogbear in all of gundom.

When any gunner is asked about any gun regulation I'm told it's a inconvience to 'law abiding citizens'. If I ask about a national or even local safe storage law I'm told that the 'law abiding citizen' who is a 'responsible gun owner' MUST have instant access to a gun to 'protect his family' and it's an inconvience to have to unlock a gunsafe.

Why is every inconvenience heaped on us, the victims? Why do gunners have to be placated? Why does the 9% of voters who want less reguation win out over those who outnuber them 4 or 5 to 1?

Oh, that's right the gun lobby out spends us victims.


It's another one of those. A minute and a half from the future . . .

Just . . . watch it

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