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Member since: Tue May 17, 2005, 02:26 PM
Number of posts: 13,986

About Me

Longtime election integrity and GOTV activist. Adept at whupping bricks upside heads.

Journal Archives

Obama’s vacations and golfing by the numbers (Crushes the GOP Script)


An analysis of Obama's time off, compared with Shrubbie, Bubba, and Ronnie at this point in each man's term. Good stuff to whack Repubs with. One teeny bit of the article:


People Worship Weeping Tree In California, Tears Are Actually Insect Excrement


"A growing number of Catholics in Fresno, California believe that a tree outside St. John's Cathedral is weeping God's tears."

"Fresno arborist Jon Reelhorn told KGPE-TV that there's a scientific explanation for the falling liquid... the excrement of insects known as aphides or tree lice."

"Despite the explanation, some parishioners remain convinced that there is something more to the tree. "They can say it's this theory, that theory, the tree does this every year, it's odd when it happens when there is bunch of people praying."

More at the link.

Why American Needs Health Insurance Reform. And Why You Need Affordable Health Insurance.


A short story proving that everyone does, indeed, need health insurance. A young, healthy person got bitten by a snake. For 18 hours in the hospital, her bill was $55,000.00.

More at the link.

Steubenville Rape Grand Jury: Back in Session, Still Keeping Quiet.


"Slow and steady. And quiet, no leaks. Here’s hoping they bust a lot of rape freaks."

Not much at the link except for a few source links.

Anti-Tax Zealots Almost Get Themselves Killed, then get Rescued by Tax-Funded Services.


"Hannah Gastonguay and her husband decided that it would be a spiffy idea to endanger themselves and their two preschool-aged daughters by setting sail for a Polynesian island, that presumably would not spend their tax money on anything they didn’t agree with. Amazingly stupid from the beginning, and they just got dumber as time went on.

As one of the tax-funded public servants who has been caring for their idiotic selves said, “”They were looking for a kind of adventure. They wanted to live on a Polynesian island but they didn’t have sufficient expertise to navigate adequately”. They ran out of food, got lost, and were saved by sailors, ships, and helicopters, at least partly paid for by the governments of Venezuela, Japan, Chile, and the United States."

More at the link.

Lying Sacks of S*** of The Week: “Christian” Pregnancy Centers


"What Would Jesus Lie About? The answer would appear to be “just about everything”, if a woman goes into a taxpayer-funded Crisis Pregnancy Center and asks a question:

“When a woman walked into a state-funded “crisis pregnancy center” in Manassas, Va., this summer and told the counselor she might be pregnant, she was told that condoms don’t actually prevent STDs and that birth control frequently causes hair loss, memory loss, headaches, weight gain, fatal blood clots and breast cancer.”

More at the link.

Little Johnnie Kasich’s JobsOhio Scam is Finally Getting Scrutiny


The media and a few attorneys are trying to clean this mess up.

Sad news: Cowboy Jack Clement has died.


An amazing man. May he rest in peace, with four-part harmony.

FreedomWorks Wants ObamaCare to Fail, so they can Make Money for Themselves.


"FreedomWorks, a “Conservative” “Republican” organization, is not working for freedom - not for your freedom, anyway. They are funded by industry groups, and their mission is to remove the last teensy shreds of regulation from the marketplace so they can mulct the last coppers from our pockets.

Their latest stunt: to have people refuse to buy health insurance, and to burn fake “ObamaCare” cards as a “protest”. Really. That is what they are promoting. Yes, they want you to risk death or bankruptcy and look like an ignorant fool. Gentle Reader, does this sound like an organization with your best interests at heart?

Of course not. The next question is “whose interests are they advancing?” And the response to that, is, of course, their own. For example, they have made money by selling near-worthless health insurance products in the past."

More, including source material at the link.

Like Father, Like Daughter: Liz Cheney Repeats Daddy Dick’s Wyoming Scams


"Shameless" doesn't even begin to describe it. Two generations of Cheneys gaming Wyoming's residency requirements for political gain.

Details at the link.
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