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Member since: Tue May 17, 2005, 02:26 PM
Number of posts: 13,986

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Longtime election integrity and GOTV activist. Adept at whupping bricks upside heads.

Journal Archives

A song for his trip: J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton play "After Midnight" live


These gents show us that old age and treachery (and a good bit of genius) make for awesome music. RIP, J.J.

An Independent, Two Democrats and a Republican Walk into a Bar…


"OK, they actually walked into the Senate. And no, it’s not a joke. Senator Angus King (an Independent from Maine) and three others have introduced a bill that just might save our economic a**es when the next crisis rolls around. It’s a re-invention of the Glass-Steagall Act, which was stupidly repealed in the 90′s: said idiotic repeal being one of the causes of the Bush Economic Collapse."

More at the link. We may be seeing "Tripartisanship" being created here.

Freedom of Speech: Not Quite Dead, but it’s Mostly Dead.


North Carolina and Wisconsin are jailing people for exercising their rights to free speech. In Wisconsin, you can be punished for just being nearby a protest. I remember when that happened before:

May 4th, 1970. Kids who had committed no crimes, and some who weren't even protesting, gunned down by a Republican administration that didn't tolerate dissent. Think it can't happen again? Think again.

It is already happening, in Texas, Wisconsin and North Carolina. They just aren't using live ammo on us. Yet.

Lots more at the link. Fuck the "Republicans".

Handing out Rubber Fetus Dolls to Little Kids? Yep. That’s the New Front in the War on Women.


"North Dakota’s War on Women got totally crazy recently , as “Pro-Life” loons shoved rubber fetus dolls into the candy bags of little children, without their parents’ knowledge and consent. This, they call “education”. Actually, it’s an invasion of privacy akin to shoving condoms or other such materials into those bags. But never mind the rights of the parents and children, these anti-choice nutters are literally forcing their creepy little squishy propaganda toys onto preschoolers and first-graders. Here’s the “toy”:

More at the link.

When a Centrist Independent is a more reliable vote for Democrats than, well, some Democrats...

All I can assume is that:

Number A: the "Democrats" who plan to abandon the party have swallowed the Republican's line of BS,
Letter 2: the "Democrats" who plan to abandon the party have swallowed the Naderesque line of BS, or
Thirdly: were never really Democrats in the first place.

Regardless, I have never missed an election, have never wavered in my support for Left and Center-Left candidates, have never voted a Republican ticket, and have helped the Democratic party in many ways over the decades. I just haven't joined the party for philosophical reasons.

So to all those who would have us believe that they are "True" Democrats and plan on sitting out the next election, or claim that Dems = Reeps, or spend their time trashing the Prexy and other elected Democrats instead of working to defeat the Repubs, here is my challenge.

Show up or shut up.

Let's see whether you really believe in stomping the s***out of the Republican agenda, or whether you'll lie back and let it happen.

Vote, God-fucking-dammit. Or you're even less of a Democrat than me.

(Donning Asbestos Y-Fronts)

WTF, Ohio?


Regarding the AG's plans to defy a court order and stick it to a dying man and his lawfully-wedded husband. Saw the story on DU last night, saw red, and decided to circulate it beyond this board.

General DeWine is trying to act like he's not out to fuck over this Ohio family, but he is. Details and a rant at the above link.

Thanks to Galraedia for posting this thread:http://www.democraticunderground.com/1014548564
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