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Hometown: Kansas City KS
Member since: Fri Jan 27, 2006, 04:50 PM
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I congratulate whoever in Biden's WH is getting the message out

It has always been so disappointing in the past how the rightwing media machine would always overrun and destroy anything Democrats did.

Recently I've been seeing a number of ads doing two important things right - Touting accomplishments AND bluntly telling what republicons want to do.

Just today, I've seen at least four different ads on the Food Network spelling out four different things that will save Americans money. And my favorite, that bullet-points what Democrats have passed, then warns in plain language what republicons intend to do, then says straight out "vote for Democrats".

It's about time plain-spoken ads like that saturate TV. Along with the way the WH has been immediately publicizing how much loan forgiveness was gotten by every republicon who opens their filthy mouths about the student loan announcement.

They're doing great now, I hope the keep it up and keep up that type of ad and response.

to whatever communication director or whoever it is that is responsible.
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