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wilt the stilt

wilt the stilt's Journal
wilt the stilt's Journal
October 25, 2013

Segregated colleges

Parents of kids in colleges chime in. Many schools like UGA( not southern bashing) make all freshman stay on campus the first year. There is no commuting to these schools. The consequence is that many poorer kids simply can't afford to attend these schools. This is defacto segregation and I think it goes on all over the country. Anyone else see this happening.

October 20, 2013

"American by birth southern by the grace of God"

I've watched as our fellow DU'ers have discussed the south. I think you can best understand a region on what is permitted. I have lived in Atlanta for a very long time. My parents came here in 1973. I have lived here since "82. I also lived here for 1 year in 1976. I have also sold cash registers in every small town in N. Georgia from Rome, to Macon to Dalton and even Warner Robins and Gray. The next time you stop in DQ in Dalton those are my cash registers.

It is my observation that the south is loyal to the region more that the nation. That saying in the title says it all. I have lived in Denver, SF, upstate NY and NYC. I visit Chicago all the time as my in-laws are from there. There is nowhere in the country that is loyal to their region over the country. Only the south.

The great migration to the U.S. was all up north. People had to become Americans as they were all first generation. Their loyalty is with the country. Because there was no migration to the south they stayed loyal to the region. That is why robert E. Lee fought for the south. He was loyal to the region.

As far as what is permissible. My kids go the UGA. My son's frat is the most diverse at the school with "even" an African American. Their nickname is Delta nig.
Fraternity row displays confederate flags. These are not rural people. They are the best students in GA and many are from the suburbs of Atlanta. My son will not take his best friend(African American) back to school with him to visit.

This behavior is permitted. I can not imagine any other region in this country that would allow this type of behavior.

Because of this loyalty to region the south in my opinion should never be allowed to control our economic destiny. They always think in terms of their region first and the country second. That is why their model has always been to steal businesses from other places in the country.

October 16, 2013

Number one rule in sales and electoral politics-Ted Cruz and Rand Paul

I have been selling for a long time and people have to like you. Ted and Rand you both need a personality transplant.

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