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wilt the stilt

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Member since: Mon Nov 6, 2006, 05:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,528

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Dead Freaks Unite- killer show coming

[link:http://www.dead.net/features/grateful-dead-meet-movies/grateful-dead-meet-movies-2013-sunshine-daydream|Boys and girls the summer meet up is coming. Do not miss


Grateful Dead Meet Up At The Movies 2013: "Sunshine Daydream"
Posted by wilt the stilt | Fri Jun 28, 2013, 04:25 PM (1 replies)

As bad as Scalia is Alito

is way worse. Alito is not so different than many people his own age. They stopped growing at an early age and just became very firmn in their beliefs. They grew up calling African Americas "colored people" and they hated "faggots" as they would call gay people They bullied them and bullied anyone they could.

Alito on the other hand grew up when the world was changing. He was exposed to both sides. He saw Kennedy and King, he was at the right time to see and open his mind. Instead he became a very small and rigid man who thinks lmost everyone is inferior to him. A pathetic excuse for a man.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Wed Jun 26, 2013, 02:58 PM (0 replies)

I hear it is hard to catch a pass with handcuffs on

Can you confirm this Mr. Hernandez?
Posted by wilt the stilt | Fri Jun 21, 2013, 03:41 PM (1 replies)

Murdoch getting divorced


the latest trophy wife is history. Wendi- guess what you are now officially trash.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Thu Jun 13, 2013, 04:18 PM (9 replies)

Miami- are their legs dead?

last night's game was embarrassing. Did Indiana take everything out of Miami? All I know is I saw Lebron get stuffed at the end of the first half and Lebron doesn't get stuffed too often.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Wed Jun 12, 2013, 01:45 PM (7 replies)

Hibbert finished 10th in defensive player of the year

Has there ever been a greater example of how stupid sports reporters are. 98% of he reporters are led by idiots like Stephen A. Smith.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Sun Jun 2, 2013, 01:01 PM (4 replies)
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