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Was Marco Rubio’s campaign ever more real than Ben Carson’s?


Eric Jett/Getty
Was Marco Rubio’s campaign ever more real than Ben Carson’s?

Rubio’s campaign barely had a ground game, his base was nonexistent, and he never led in the polls—why was he ever considered the heir apparent to anything, let alone the Republican nomination?
Politico has a great post-mortem on Rubio and the diagnosis is simple: His campaign was so confident that Rubio seemed presidential, that it didn’t do what was necessary to win the nomination. His team was so convinced that voters would recognize this that Rubio never really invested in the kind of get-out-the-vote infrastructure that Ted Cruz has used to secure several states. Here’s the money quote:

“It’s almost like they wanted to prove they could win without doing some of the stuff people have to do to win,” said one Rubio supporter very familiar with the campaign’s planning. “Were they just fucking lazy or arrogant?”
As Politico notes, Rubio thought he could win the people of Iowa from the set of Fox & Friends—not by knocking on doors or actually visiting Iowa.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Mar 17, 2016, 12:37 AM (0 replies)

Correcting Marco Rubio’s final campaign lie: He wants you to think he ran a high-minded race — don’t

Correcting Marco Rubio’s final campaign lie: He wants you to think he ran a high-minded race — don’t fall for it
To declare that the current president “appeases” the nation’s enemies while “betraying” its allies and “weakening” its military is to level a pretty serious charge. But it is somewhat mild by the standards of the 2016 campaign, I’ll admit. It certainly doesn’t approach this kind of divisive, de-legitimizing rhetoric:

It’s now abundantly clear: Barack Obama has deliberately weakened America. He has made an intentional effort to humble us back to size. As if to say: We no longer need to be so powerful because our power has done more harm than good. Happiest of all have been America’s enemies. Because when America steps back, it gives darker forces the space they need to rise. And rise they have.

Even more outrageously, Rubio — not Trump — is the one who responded to President Obama’s delivering an utterly banal speech in a mosque with anger and resentment. Trump made a predictably sleazy joke about Obama being “comfortable” in a mosque; but Rubio didn’t even try to leaven his poison with humor. Instead, he grumbled about Obama “pitting people against each other.” And besides, he added, “radical Islam” was the “bigger issue,” anyway.

So what would a more honest reckoning of Rubio’s campaign sound like? Well, it wouldn’t be pretty. Rather than foundering because he stubbornly chose to appeal exclusively to Republican voters’ better angels, the Rubio campaign failed because he simply wasn’t very good at gutter politics. His attempts to get nasty boomeranged, then blew up in his face.

He didn’t choose “a different path,” in other words. He got right down in the sewer with the rest of ‘em. The only real difference is that, for Rubio, scraping the bottom of the barrel simply didn’t work.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Mar 17, 2016, 12:22 AM (1 replies)

Demoted! Those deputies who witnessed mcgraw elbowing protestor to the face

LOCAL NEWS Trump rally assault victim applauds discipline of Cumberland County deputies
Posted 6:08 p.m. yesterday

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. — The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said that five deputies have been disciplined in connection with the assault of Rakeem Jones at a Donald Trump rally in Fayetteville on March 9.

The sheriff’s office said the deputies witnessed the assault and did not take action. Three of the deputies were demoted and were also suspended without pay for five days. The other two were suspended without pay for three days. All five deputies face one year of probation.

"I applaud the sheriff's department for their work and finding the deputies responsible," said Jones.

In a statement, Sheriff Earl "Moose" Butler said the deputies faced disciplinary action for "unsatisfactory performance and failing to discharge the duties and policies of the office of the sheriff."

Read more at http://www.wral.com/5-cumberland-county-deputies-disciplined-in-connection-with-trump-rally/15554135/#HeWRwid5ZEBpkHyR.99
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Mar 17, 2016, 12:14 AM (1 replies)

Ben Carson: I Didn’t Want To Endorse Trump, But He Promised Me A Position

Ben Carson, who endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy on Friday, appears less than enthusiastic about that decision. And the real reason the unsuccessful GOP presidential hopeful endorsed his former rival could be a violation of federal law.

Carson told the conservative online site NewsMax TV on Monday that he backed Trump based on a practical calculus.

“I didn’t see a path for [John] Kasich, who I like, or for [Marco] Rubio, who I like. As far as [Ted] Cruz is concerned, I don’t think he’s gonna be able to draw independents and Democrats unless has has some kind of miraculous change… Is there another scenario that I would have preferred? Yes. But that scenario isn’t available.” Pressed to clarify, Carson said he meant he’d prefer to have backed one of the other candidates.

Carson then said that Trump had promised him a role in his administration, “certainly in an advisory capacity.” Asked by NewsMax’s Steve Malzberg whether this meant a cabinet position, Carson declined to “reveal any details about it right now, because all of this is still very liquid.”

Federal law expressly prohibits candidates from directly or indirectly promising “the appointment of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy.” The penalty for violations could include fines or a year in jail — two years if the violation was willful.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Wed Mar 16, 2016, 02:04 AM (5 replies)

Horse used for paintball practice

Humane officials in Lancaster County are looking for the owner of a pony they say was shot 130 times with a paintball gun and abandoned at an area stable.

The 20-year-old pony showed up at the New Holland Sales Stable on West Fulton Street in the borough on Monday.

The animal was reportedly sore to the touch, its fur covered in paint splotches believed left there by a paintball gun. Officials say it appears someone used the animal for "target practice."

Posted by Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center "Kelly Smith" on Monday, March 14, 2016
The pony, a 20-year-old female Arabian/app cross, was given pain medication and transported to New Bolton Center by Omega Horse Rescue in York County.

Now, humane officials are looking for the pony's owner and asking anyone with information to contact them.

According to a release from the SPCA, cruelty officers received a call from the management of the New Holland Sales Stable after they discovered the abandoned horse on their property, after their normal horse sale was over. The condition of the horse prompted the stable management and stable veterinarian to contact the SPCA for assistance. The horse was not originally checked in as a "horse for sale" and appeared to be dumped at the sales stable property after the sale was finished. There was no identification found on the animal.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Tue Mar 15, 2016, 03:13 PM (7 replies)

Todd Palin is in intensive care after snowmobile crash

Sarah Palin slams "punk-a**" protesters who disrupt Donald Trump's events

At a rally for Donald Trump, Sarah Palin bashed the protesters who have been interrupting Trump's campaign events.

Trump cancels rally amid clashes between supporters and protesters
"What we don't have time for is all that petty, punk-a** little thuggery stuff that's been going on with these "protesters" who are doing nothing but wasting your time and trying to take away your First Amendment rights, your rights to assemble peacefully," Palin said. "And the media, being on the thugs' side. What the heck are you guys thinking, media? It doesn't make sense. Well, you all get it."

Palin also told voters her husband had been in a big wreck, and when someone is sick in your family, it puts things into perspective.

At the last minute, Palin had canceled a scheduled Trump campaign event in Arcadia, Florida because her husband was in a very serious snow machine crash, a source who knows Palin's travel plans confirmed to CBS News, but she stopped by the Tampa town hall with Trump before heading to the airport to return to Alaska, the source said.

Todd Palin, 51, crashed on Sunday night and is currently hospitalized in intensive care, the source said. It's unclear where exactly the crash occurred and whether it was on a snowmobile or involved another type of machine. The former governor and 2012 GOP vice presidential nominee was on the phone with doctors and family all morning.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Tue Mar 15, 2016, 12:29 AM (10 replies)

Residents: Rubio Hasn’t ‘Done Shit’ in ‘Florida’s Flint’

Residents: Rubio Hasn’t ‘Done Shit’ in ‘Florida’s Flint’

Residents in coastal communities in Florida say they have appealed to their senator to help them with a growing local ecological disaster and have been largely ignored.

If Sen. Marco Rubio loses the Florida primary next Tuesday, it won’t be because of the number of campaign offices he opened or the TV ads he didn’t buy.
Instead, it likely will be because of the kind of senator that Rubio’s Florida constituents believe he has been. Frustrated residents of several coastal Florida communities say they see a man who is friendly but unread, ambitious but unengaged, and widely discussed nationally but almost entirely absent from his own state as it suffers from an ongoing ecological and economic disaster.

“We have a Flint, Michigan, going on here in Florida in slow motion and Marco Rubio hasn’t done shit,” says Marty Baum, executive director of the Indian Riverkeeper in Jensen Beach, Florida. Baum is the sort of salty environmentalist you’d expect to criticize a Republican senator. But he’s a lifelong Republican, angry with what he sees as a disaster unfolding in front of him and few leaders, especially Rubio, doing anything to stop it.


The Flint-like catastrophe Baum is referring to is the routine inundation of some of Florida’s most precious waterways with polluted water from Lake Okeechobee in Central Florida. The controlled water releases by the Army Corps of Engineers are meant to preserve the Herbert Hoover Dike, which surrounds the massive lake, from breaching or breaking.

But unusually heavy rains in the last several years have seen the Corps sending up to 2 billion gallons of water per day west toward the Gulf of Mexico and east toward the Atlantic Ocean. Heavy with pollution from agricultural runoff, the eastward freshwater flows into the brackish waters of the St. Lucie River, the Indian River Lagoon, and eventually to Atlantic Ocean, where it was never meant to be.

The result has been massive algae blooms, brown tides, and the transformation of the water from a faint beige transparency to sludge the color of a strong cup of coffee. Sixty percent of the plant life has died off. Manatees and dolphins are dying at an alarming rate. Tourists to Florida’s famed Treasure Coast are warned from one day to the next not to touch the water lapping up on the shore.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Tue Mar 15, 2016, 12:09 AM (1 replies)

New polls show Rubio dropping to third in Florida

Donald Trump is at least 20 points ahead in Florida two new polls show, with home state Sen. Marco Rubio dropping to third place in one of the new surveys.
CBS News released new numbers this morning that show Trump with 44 percent support.
For the first time since January, and just two days before the Sunshine State's pivotal primary, Ted Cruz snuck into second place receiving 24 percent from Florida's Republicans.
Rubio got 21 percent.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3490616/Embarrassment-Marco-Rubio-drops-place-Florida-Donald-Trump-20-points-ahead.html#ixzz42r6UnOku
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Mon Mar 14, 2016, 01:19 AM (11 replies)

Teacher didnt realize his laptop screen was being projected to classroom screen

He is wearing wedding ring. Must be shopping for the wife. 😉

Embarrassing moment teacher 'forgets to turn off projector while browsing for lingerie during lesson'
Maths students got an unexpected biology lesson thanks to this teacher who apparently forgot to switch his projector off.

A video taken by a student shows the teacher seemingly immersed in his work as the class silently studies.

Unfortunately he didn't realise that he'd left his laptop plugged into the projector and his students could see exactly what he was 'working' on.

When asked what happened after the clip finished, they replied: He never found out. After this class ended he switched to the next class' assignments. So he doesn't know that it wasn't turned off or "Frozen on a screen."
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sun Mar 13, 2016, 06:52 PM (3 replies)

Police apologize for trump sticker visible in cruiser


Hartford police have apologized after a photograph circulating on social media shows a Donald Trump sticker affixed to a laptop inside a police cruiser.

Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley in a statement Sunday called the application of the sticker "irresponsible."

He says the sticker has since been removed and the matter will be investigated internally.
Foley says the department was alerted to the sticker Saturday morning.

The photo shows that the Trump sticker was clearly visible through the cruiser's windshield. Police did not identify to whom the cruiser belongs.
Foley says the officer was "counseled on the critical importance of remaining neutral and impartial." He says the department reminds all officers to remain "politically neutral."

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sun Mar 13, 2016, 06:42 PM (14 replies)
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