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Liberal_in_LA's Journal
Liberal_in_LA's Journal
December 31, 2014

Big Bang actress "I'm not a feminist"

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting: ‘I’m not a feminist’

Actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting does not consider herself a feminist, saying she loves to cook and “serve” her husband Ryan Sweeting.

“The Big Bang Theory” star is well aware that the advances made by women’s rights groups in the past have paved the way for her both personally and professionally, but that doesn’t mean she identifies as a feminist.

She tells Redbook magazine, “It’s not really something I think about. Things are different now, and I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around.

“I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that’s because I’ve never really faced inequality
_____________ comments following article _________

I'm happy for her that she's never faced inequality. I hope she never finds out what a gift that is. But somehow, like actresses before her, she will likely make the poor career choice of turning 40. Let's see how she feels when geeky costars are still getting work (and the girl) and she's the answer to a trivia question.

How nice it is to have a choice or not face inequality... hey wait, that sounds feminist to me.

December 30, 2014

ny trooper - "I see you post this on Youtube, Iíll find a way for the D.A.s office to arrest you"

he officer claims he stopped the car for a traffic violation and requests Houghtailing’s license and registration, before once again complaining about being filmed and threatening Houghtaling.

“How about if I see you post this on Youtube, I’ll find a way for the D.A.s office to arrest you,” asks the trooper.

“Is it illegal to record police officers?” Houghtaling replies.

“When I tell you to put the phone down and you disregard what I’m telling you, yes, it is,” said Rosenblatt.

“So am I being detained for recording?”

“Put the phone down.”

“Is it illegal to record officers,” Houghtaling asks.

“Give me your license and registration,” the trooper replies.

When asked why he has been pulled over, the trooper explains “your exhaust is extremely loud, that’s why you’re being stopped.”

The officer then becomes belligerent, sarcastically saying, “Have you got an answer for that?’ before again insisting Houghtaling stop filming with his phone.

The troopers then asks, “What is your issue with always videotaping?” to which Houghtaling replies, “Am I legally obligated to answer that?”

“You’re obligated because I asked, you, that’s why” an angry Rosenblatt replies before stalking off.

December 30, 2014

netflix has fake new years countdown show for parents to get kids to bed early

How to get your kids in bed early on New Year's Eve: Netflix reveals on demand fake countdown show parents can use to fool their children
Three minute show hosted by King Julien, a lemur from the hit DreamWorks film Madagasgar who now has a spin off show
34% of US parents say they have tried to fool kids into an early NYE
It is a problem parents face every year - how to get the kids to bed early on New Year's Eve.
Many have tried changing clocks, throwing fake parties and even tuning in to TV stations on the other side of the world.
However, Netflix now has a hi-tech solution- an on demand New Year's Eve show for kids that can be played anytime

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2890354/How-kids-bed-early-New-Year-s-Eve-Netflix-reveals-demand-fake-countdown-parents-use-fool-children.html#ixzz3NLICRsTn

December 27, 2014

Guilty - woman took terminally ill neighbors dog & had him euthanized


"I'm thrilled to death. Got Christmas a day late," said Thor's owner, Mark Boehler. "Thank you people of the jury."

Gisele Paris testified that she found the dog named Thor in her Spring Hill neighborhood. She claimed she took the dog home, cleaned him up and dressed a wound, then took him to the Animal Rescue League. When no one claimed him, she took the dog back, she said.

Thor was not well and not eating, so she fed the dog a special diet of rice and chicken, Paris testified. She told jurors that the dog was deteriorating. Thor was euthanized by a veterinarian.

"No matter how misguided you think she is, she doesn't find herself in this position if she didn't care about a sick dog," said Paris' lawyer, Robert Mielnicki. "In the end, I don't think the jury was able to get over the fact that Gisele herself admitted that at least a period of time before the dog was euthanized, she sort of knew whose dog it was."

Prosecutors pointed out that Paris was told by police and vets that Thor belonged to someone else, but she still did not contact Boehler, who said he is terminally ill with esophageal cancer.

December 26, 2014

New York City Cops Seek Federal Court Approval to Mass Arrest Protesters Without Warning

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has agreed to meet in full to reconsider an August ruling that sided with protesters and chastized the New York Police Department for the way it herded and arrested 700 Occupy protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge in fall 2011. It concluded that the cops violated the protesters' constitutional rights and the police did not have “cause” to arrest them.

“This decision will frustrate, not further, the work of police attempting to facilitate peaceful demonstrations while ensuring both the safety of demonstrators and those among whom demonstrations are staged,” the city’s rehearing brief argued.

Attorneys representing the protesters say the NYPD seeks renewed power to make mass arrests after entrapping protesters, as was the case in October 2011, when police walked calmly beside Occupy marchers from lower Manhattan onto the bridge. As a majority on the lower Appeals Court panel noted, most protesters did not hear any arrest warning from police and felt they were led by cops onto the Brooklyn Bridge to continue their march.


“This is the most significant and most defining legal case on protesters’ rights in the last 40 years, since the mass arrests of May Day 1970,” said Carl Messineo, Partnership for Civil Justice Fund legal director, which represented the protesters. “Mayor de Blasio seeks the authority to arrest today’s protesters in the same manner Mayor Bloomberg falsely arrested Occupy Wall Street protesters by the hundreds.”


The city’s legal briefs seeking a new hearing say the NYPD needs to make split decisions about arresting people at mass protests that do not need permits to march. It adds there is “significant coordination among this office: [the NYC Law Department’s Appeals Division] our client, the City Police Department; and the Mayor’s Office” in seeking a new federal court hearing to regain that authority.

December 26, 2014

Oakland police protesters smash windows, vandalize Christmas tree, "no time off" protest

Undeterred by chilly weather or the Christmas holiday, dozens of antipolice demonstrators marched through downtown Oakland on Thursday evening — some smashing windows of businesses in Jack London Square, throwing bottles, and even tearing ornaments and lights from a large Christmas tree —in the latest round of protests against what they see as police violence toward minorities.
The action on Christmas night, dubbed “No Time Off” by organizers, began around 5 p.m. at Broadway and 14th Street at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza and wound down around 7:30 p.m. The protest followed weeks of marches around the Bay Area after grand juries in Missouri and New York opted not to indict white police officers in the killings of unarmed black men.
“We are committed to ending deeply institutional racism in police departments,” said Jessica Karadi, 28, of Richmond, who was among the few protesters willing to speak with the media. Most wanted to express their messages themselves through signs like the one Karadi was carrying: “End the Police State"


December 26, 2014

stranger gives defendant $983 in court so he does't become a felon

Though the two were strangers to each other, civil attorney Colin Murphy overheard a defense attorney and prosecutor talking about a different case that was 15 minutes before his last week, the Oregonian reported.


Murphy typically covers business disputes, but he still understood that the defendant was about to miss a plea deal that would allow him to be sentenced with a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

Defendant Castor Majuro Conley bought a Nissan pickup truck from a thief, then sold it to someone else who sold it to a scrap yard, police reports allege. Conley, married with a 17-month-old child, couldn't come up with the $983 required to pay restitution to the car's owner. So, Murphy decided to step in, as the Oregon State Bar prohibits an attorney from giving or loaning money to a client.

While Murphy wanted to make sure that giving Conley $983 would be permitted, Taylor told the judge, "I think we’ve worked it out."

"He handed a personal check to me that day," Conley's attorney Taylor said of Murphy. "I had never seen or heard of him."

As for Conley, he was "stunned and in disbelief," Taylor said.

Conley has one misdemeanor conviction on his record, a fourth-degree assault in 2011, the Oregonian reported. A more serious felony charge could have cost Conley his job and future employment prospects, plus rental housing.


December 26, 2014

How the states are redistributing wealth from middle class to 1%

The most illustrative example began in 2012, when Kansas’ Republican Gov. Sam Brownback signed a landmark bill that delivered big tax cuts to high-income earners and businesses. Less than two years after that tax cut, the state’s income tax revenue plummeted by a quarter-billion dollars — and now Brownback is pushing to use money for public employees’ pensions to instead cover the state's ensuing budget shortfalls.

Brownback’s proposal: Slash the state’s required pension contribution by $40 million to balance the state budget, even though Kansas already has one of the worst-funded pension systems in the nation.

Brownback defended his proposal to take money from middle-class state workers and use it to effectively finance his tax cuts for the wealthy. He told the Wichita Eagle: “It’s kind of, uh, well where are you going to go for the funds? And I don’t like it, but it’s kind of what’s your other option if you don’t hit K-12 and higher ed with allotments?”

Brownback is not alone. He joins fellow Republican Gov. Chris Christie in coupling large tax breaks with cuts to actuarially required pension payments. In New Jersey, Christie slashed required pension payments while signing legislation expanding tax credits to corporations, and doling out a record amount of taxpayer subsidies to businesses. Many of those subsidies have flowed to firms whose executives have made campaign contributions to Republican political organizations. Earlier this month, New Jersey pension trustees filed a lawsuit against Christie for not making legally required contributions to the state’s pension system.


December 25, 2014

smart dog knows what he has to do to get rescued from well - hold onto rope

This brave little dog is the living proof that if at first you don't succeed try, try and try again.
The sandy coloured pet was at the centre of a dramatic rescue mission after plunging down a deep well.
The intelligent pooch repeatedly managed to grab hold of a rope and scramble up the brickwork, only to slip and fall as it neared the top.
A rescuer, desperate to retrieve the exhausted dog, shouted words of encouragement as time-and-time again it plunged back into the freezing water.
In total nine attempts failed, but the little dog and the emergency worker refused to give up hope.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2886436/So-near-far-Brave-dog-grabs-rope-attempts-scramble-safety-falling-slipping-nears-finally-manages-climb-free.html#ixzz3Ms5x0KFE
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December 25, 2014

American Apparel Dov Charney down to last 100k, sleeping on friends couch

How The Founder And CEO Of American Apparel Went From Mega-Mogul To Sleeping On Friend's Couch (APP)

How The Founder And CEO Of American Apparel Went From Mega-Mogul To Sleeping On Friend's Couch (APP)
Hayley Peterson, provided by

Dov Charney
American Apparel founder Dov Charney has gone from running a company worth more than $200 million to sleeping on a friend's couch within the past six months.
Charney, who was officially terminated from his consulting role at American Apparel last week, told Trish Regan at Bloomberg TV that he is down to his last $100,000.

American Apparel paid Charney an annual salary of $800,000 as CEO before he was fired from that role in June. The company is valued at between $226 million and $243 million.

Charney owns 43% stock in American Apparel, but the hedge fund Standard General controls his stake. He gave Standard General control when he took a loan from the firm in July

Charney's downfall follows a string of allegations of sexual and financial misconduct during his 16-year tenure at the company.

He was fired as CEO due to allegations that he sexually harassed employees and "refused to participate in mandatory sexual harassment training," according to a leaked copy of his termination letter. American Apparel's board of directors also accused him in the letter of paying "significant" severance packages to former employees to conceal any wrongdoing.

Charney has denied the charges as baseless.

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