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Stuart G

Stuart G's Journal
Stuart G's Journal
December 31, 2012

The answer is, "I don't know....."

A few months ago..I was recovering in a rehab facility from pneumonia..
, and it turns out that there was a women there who had survived Auschwitz. She was in her mid 80s, and was recovering from a fall..She was quite sharp, totally together mentally, but of course, trouble walking..............
So after a few days, I got to know her and finally asked her, "How did you survive that?" And she said simply..."I don't know" She was 15 or 16 when they took her away, she never saw her parents again..they killed them.. I really didn't ask for any details about Auschwitz.
..So I wonder, why? I am still sober after a year from hell, with 2 surgeries, pnumonia, and my girl friend dieing from lung cancer. So I go to meetings and, at this time of year and wonder, .. How did I make it???...and you know.."I don't know."
... Great friends, luck, not giving up, some prayer, and some sperituality..but I still don't know..It ain't the best time of the year for me, and many others...I guess I have to take it one second at a time, and not drink or drug. or call someone, I guess. or, .go to a meeting..sure..but..you know what..I really don't know..........................so, I miss my friend, but many of us have lost loved ones..that is all I got...........Stuart G.

December 29, 2012

The Most Important Bills Blocked by Republicans in 2012, Think Progress:


1. Minimum Wage Increase

House Democrats proposed legislation in June that would have raised the national minimum wage to $10 an hour, but Republicans blocked it. The minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour, even though it would need to be raised to $9.92 to match the borrowing power it had in 1968. If it was indexed to inflation, it would be $10.40 today.

2. Campaign Finance Transparancy

The DISCLOSE Act of 2012, repeatedly blocked by Congressional Republicans, would have allowed voters to know who was funding the attack ads that flooded the airways from secretive groups like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS.

3. The Buffet Rule

Senate Republicans in April filibustered the Buffet Rule, which would have set a minimum tax on millionaires. Huge majorities of Americans consistently support the rule, which would raise tens of billions of dollars per year from Americans who have seen their incomes explode while their tax rates plummeted.

4. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act.


There are a total of 6 in this article.. It shows what these selfish jerks are really about.
December 27, 2012

Report: Cancer Center Chief funneled millions to Freedom Works : Talking Points Memo


additional information from: The Washington Post


Eric Lach-December 27, 2012, 11:03 AM3639

The Washington Post’s story of former House Majority Leader Dick Armey’s attempted coup of the tea party group FreedomWorks had the political press buzzing on Wednesday. But in the background, behind the dramatic account of a high-stakes D.C. power struggle, Amy Gardner’s story also supplied some answers to one of the abiding money mysteries of 2012 election.

In early November, several news outlets ran stories about a Knoxville, Tenn. man named William S. Rose III. Over six weeks that began in late September, using two newly formed companies with no other apparent purpose, Rose gave more than $12 million to FreedomWorks. The donations made Rose’s companies among the biggest corporate donors of the election cycle. In response to the press interest over his motivations, Rose released a six-page statement, denying that he or his companies were “shadowy” but insisting that the business of one of the companies, Specialty Group, was a “family secret” that would be kept secret “as allowed by applicable law — for at least another 50 years.”

The Post’s story this week reported that the money given by Rose’s companies actually came from Richard Stephenson, a “reclusive Illinois millionaire” and the founder and chairman of the board of the for-profit Cancer Treatment Centers of America. From the Post:

Rose, who could not be reached for comment, has said publicly he would not answer questions about the donations. But according to three current and former FreedomWorks employees with knowledge of the donations, the money originated with Stephenson and his family, who arranged for the contributions from the Tennessee firms to the super PAC. Brandon, Freedom Works executive vice told colleagues starting in August that Stephenson would be giving between $10 million and $12 million, these sources said. Brandon also met repeatedly with members of Stephenson’s family who were involved in arranging the donations, the sources said.

Money made from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, ultimately goes to Freedomworks...something to think about..when watching all their ads.
December 26, 2012

Christmas Fire Kills 7, Leaves Thousands Homeless in Manila

Source: Huffington Post

Videos, Photos..

MANILA, Philippines -- Angry residents beat a man to death and threw rocks at firefighters after a shantytown fire left thousands of people homeless, and another Christmas Day blaze in the Philippine capital left seven people dead, officials said Wednesday.

A resident was beaten to death by his neighbors after shouting that he started Tuesday's shantytown fire in suburban San Juan city, Senior Fire Officer Domingo Cabog said.

The man was reportedly drunk and was not responsible for the fire. Cabog said the fire started in a house where children were playing with lighted candles.

Some 5,000 people were left homeless and 13 people were hurt in the shantytown. The injured included two firefighters and a volunteer hit by rocks that were thrown by residents who were impatient and tried to grab fire hoses to save their own shanties, Cabog said.
As firefighters struggled to penetrate the narrow alleys, one of them was mauled by a mob and rescued by a police officer, Cabog said. Two fire trucks also were damaged in the violence.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/26/philippines-christmas-fires-riot-manila_n_2363909.html

December 25, 2012

Two Die As Passenger Jet Lands In Myanmar Rice Field

Source: NBC News

By NBC News staff and wire reports

YANGON, Myanmar – A passenger jet missed an airport runway in heavy fog and landed in a rice paddy, killing two people on the ground and injuring 10, state television in Myanmar said Tuesday.

The pilot of the Air Bagan plane touched down beyond Heho airport in Shan state, killing an 11-year-old passenger and a motorcyclist on the ground, MRTV said.

Four foreigners and the pilot were among the injured. The plane was carrying 63 passengers, 51 of whom were foreigners. MRTV said.

Air Bagan is one of five airlines operating domestic routes in Myanmar.

Read more: http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/25/16140483-two-die-as-passenger-jet-lands-in-myanmar-rice-field?lite

A crash landing in a rice field..63 passengers ..only 2 dead..
.four injured......???
December 25, 2012

there is a new God...up in heaven running things...the old guy got the boot...

About this God character...my latest view of G-d..is the old guy up there, was not doing such a great job...so about 30 to 35 lady angels from, from poor groups all over the world, have taken over from the big guy..and tossed him out.l..........
.and now, those 30 to 35 lady angles...are trying to restore peace and order..They are from Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Australia...This group of poor angels have only one goal after some calmness returns..That is to love you so
you will love yourself. They will hold you in their arms and try to bring love and kindness to all. Collectively, they have little material things to give..just love. And they will hold you in their hands and hearts till you feel their peace and love..

December 23, 2012

LaPeirre says "...there was no chance new gun control will pass in Congress..." someone else said,

"The Third Reich will last one thousand years.."
"Communism will last forever"
in 1901...someone proposed to close down the patent office, "because everything that could be invented already has been..."

add your own...........

December 22, 2012

Gerrymandering..Easy To See.Proof...Think Progress. Dems -1.2 Million Lead Over Them...

Democratic House Candidates Now Have A Nearly 1.2 Million Vote Lead Over The Republicans

The day after the election last month, ThinkProgress took a preliminary tally of the total number of votes cast for candidates for the House of Representatives. We found that, despite the fact that Republicans won a commanding majority of the seats, the American people cast more than half-a-million votes for Democrats. This number was based on early tallies, however, and it was especially likely to undercount many West Coast states that had less time to count ballots.

More than a month after the election, the Democrats’ popular vote lead expanded significantly. Based on current tallies, Democrats now lead Republicans 59,343,447 to 58,178,393 in total votes cast for their House candidates — meaning that the American people preferred Democrats over Republicans by nearly a full percentage point of the total vote. Yet, despite clearly losing the popular vote, Republicans will control nearly 54 percent of the seats in the House in the 113th Congress


After you reads this article, it is so clear what Republicans do to maintain control. It is in simple language and proof that all can understand..........
December 22, 2012

Employee Issued 5 Page Reprimand for Farting at Work


A Social Security Administration employee was formally reprimanded earlier this month for for excessive workplace flatulence, according to a Dec. 10 letter obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The 38-year-old, who worked out of a Baltimore office, was hit with a five-page letter detailing the dates and times of his noxious offenses. The letter informed the worker that his “uncontrollable flatulence” created an “intolerable” and “hostile” environment for coworkers -- many of which had lodged complaints.

also other strange reasons for warning and fireings..in this article...

something to think about among our current glum news...interesting

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