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hay rick

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Member since: Thu Jan 31, 2008, 10:08 PM
Number of posts: 6,337

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When you're a Supreme...

Waiting for democracy to happen.

edit: replaced "authoritarianism" with "autocracy."

Mike Pence remembers January 6...

Potholes for Trump. Best four years ever!

Amy Coney Barrett, partisan hacksaw

Biden's commission on Supreme Court expansion is expected to issue a report that offers no conclusion about the need to expand the Supreme Court. The current Supreme Court needs to be recognized for what it is- a partisan force supporting the Republican Party's agenda, including the drive for minority rule and support for evangelical whims. Recent decisions such as Citizens United and Shelby County v Holder have crippled the ability of Americans to maintain a government that prioritizes equity and the well-being of the citizenry as a whole. The expansion discussion needs to be changed from "court packing" to "court unpacking" in recognition of the fact that the current court was successfully packed by McConnell and the forces supporting the Federalist Society.

Free as fuck. Rittenhouse update.

I posted a sanitized version of this graphic a couple days ago here:https://www.democraticunderground.com/100216059857

I took my original "FREE AS FUCK" text out of the image because it sounded harsh and bitter. Also, I'm an old guy and grew up in an era when fuck was one of the seven dirty words you couldn't say on television. I am not entirely free of that sensibility.

Words are not sticks or stones- or bullets. The real obscenity is the reckless, casual, and uncaring murder. Worse yet is the mountainous garbage heap of Americans who condone the killing and the even larger group of Americans who will tolerate it without evident concern.

"America First" Aid. Kyle Rittenhouse's story.

For those who might have missed some of the gory details- the last picture is Rittenhouse, after the killings and before the trial, in a bar with Proud Boys wearing a shirt that says FREE AS FUCK. One of the things the judge excluded from presentation as evidence to the jury.

Trump's infrastructure plan.

Joe Manchin speaks from the heart.

Donald Trump's bar tab.

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