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csziggy's Journal
csziggy's Journal
April 8, 2012

Organizations sending out emails need to identify themselves!

Recently with the lead up to the real campaign, I've been getting more and more emails from the various political organizations and campaign groups. An increasing number of those emails come from some individual with a subject header that does not give a clue about what group the email is from. MY policy is that if I don't recognize the person and if the subject header does not include an organization or something that tells me WHO sent the email, I delete it. There is no telling if some anonymous email will have some virus or malware in it, so this has been my habit for decades.

Today, I got an email from some woman at Emily's List with a subject heard "Photos". I was curious so I right clicked the email in the list, selected Properties, Details, Message Source so I could see what the email was about without actually opening it. It was an innocuous email asking me to donate to a campaign in some district not in my state. I have no idea how many emails from Emily's List have gone in the trash over the years because it was an unknown sender with an ambiguous subject line. Now Emily's List has been added to the many groups I've unsubscribed to in the last month.

It's simple enough for the people associated with these groups to add some basic information to their email subject headers - every message I get from a commercial organization has the name of the business as the sender and in the subject header. Even the little local native plants nursery I get a weekly email from includes their business name in every email subject header, and believe me, those people are NOT tech savvy!

Please if you are associated with any liberal group or any Democratic campaign, tell them to be sure to include the essential information in their messages!

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