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Simon's Cat p Festive Feast & other Cat Capers

Finished my Christmas shopping today!

Well, almost. All the shopping for adults is done. The kids will get gift cards to bookstores so that part is easy.

My family gave up exchanging gifts in 2001 after GW Bush advised us to go shopping. MY husband's family went to drawing names but a couple of years ago they decided to do a"dirty Santa" exchange. Everyone brings one present wrapped. The first picks one and opens it. The second can take that present or pick another wrapped present. If your present is taken, you get to select another but each present can be selected only three times (once originally, then "stolen" twice). It's funnier than it sounds.

I picked out a Cuisinart stick blender that comes with a whisk attachment and a mini chopper. I've had one for several years and it is very handy. My husband needed a new atomic clock with exterior temperature gauge so he bought two - one for us and one to gift.

Yeah! Halfway done with the holidays!

Looking for a new tablet - maybe

I've been planning to buy a new tablet sometime in the next few months. Part of the plan was to use my tablet as my phone during our trip to Britain next year. My old Lenovo tablet has a place to put a SIM card in so it could be used that way and I assumed the new ones would, too.

Today I was looking at tablets online. It appears that now they no longer have SIM card or phone capabilities! I guess with smart phones getting such large screens and so many capabilities the idea of duplicating them in a tablet is not as important.

I need to be able to navigate and access the internet while my husband is driving. I HATE using his Samsung 8 smart phone for that. Even though the screen is a decent size, it is not big enough for my tastes.

I need suggestions for what device can do the things I need - or should we just look to rent a car with WiFi capabilities and just link a tablet to it?

Housing crisis explodes in Panama City after Hurricane Michael's devastation

Housing crisis explodes in Panama City after Hurricane Michael’s devastation

By Eileen Kelley | GateHouse Media Florida
Posted Oct 23, 2018 at 4:04 PM Updated Oct 24, 2018 at 1:31 PM

Half of the Panama City Housing Authority’s 450 apartment homes will be condemned, said Teri Henry, the authority’s executive director. The agency also issued Section-8 vouchers for 415 private units and 60 vouchers for veteran’s housing. At this point, Henry still has no idea how many more of the area’s poor from that pool of 475 voucher holders will lose their homes because they are deemed unsafe.

PANAMA CITY — Amid a crushed water bottle, a sandwich bun and upside down disaster relief meal box was an assortment of little girl’s shoes. Size 3.

This particular small, well-worn section of grass at an affordable housing complex was a showcase of childhood and chaos: Silver ballet-style flats, chocolate brown thick-padded boots, a Western set in pink and brown and a look-a-like pair of Buster Browns.

The dropped shoes were not things isolated here. Throughout the grounds of Macedonia Garden Apartments, clothes for all shapes and ages rose from the ground in discarded heaps. A children’s bicycle and a blue stuffed monkey with a shock of bright orange hair would under normal circumstances have been up for grabs.

But this is anything but normal. There is a crisis in Panama City. Poor people are sorting through what is salvageable and what they can bring with them when they attempt to start their lives over.


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