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MineralMan's Journal
MineralMan's Journal
January 18, 2014

The American People are...

not uniform. Everyone uses the phrase, though. "The American People want...," or "The American People believe...," or "The American People will..."

It's a meaningless phrase, because there's almost nothing that can be said about "The American People" that is true. Some of "The American People" agree with you, and some don't, whatever your position might be. Whoever says, "The American People," followed by some verb and some statement, is blowing smoke up your leg.

"The American People" is a propaganda phrase, and every sector uses it constantly. All are incorrect.

"The American People" do not exist. They never have. There are multiple blocks of people who tend to think one way or another about everything. There are blocks of people, perhaps the largest blocks of all, who don't much give a shit about much of anything beyond their immediate needs.

Whenever you see the phrase, "The American People," ask, "Really?" Which American People? What are their names? Where do they live? What do they do for a living? Which American People are being discussed?

We are all "The American People," but that's about the only thing we have in common. We're all different, think differently, believe differently, and act differently from the rest of "The American People."

Nobody speaks for "The American People." Such a thing doesn't really exist in the way the phrase is used.

"The American People," though, can be counted on to make pretty much anything you say about them a lie.

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I am 77 years old (2022), married, have no children (by choice), and am very active in Democratic politics and have been since 1965. I am an atheist, and currently am finally retired. I was self-employed since 1974 as a writer, software designer and programmer, and was a seller of mineral specimens to collectors for several years. You can learn more about me from my posts on DU.

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