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Member since: Thu Jan 22, 2009, 04:35 PM
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Creative types, help with suggestions for a monument...

Once the cowards and craven GOP opportunists acquit Trump by failing to convict on all articles of Impeachment, it will be absolutely imperative to create a monument to stand on the National Mall and name names and point out who is responsible for the attempted destruction of the Constitution.

The names are already known - Nunes (and his cow), McConnell, Graham, Gym Jordan, Kennedy, and the rest... I figure a design inspired by the Vietnam Memorial may be appropriate too...to tally the number of KIA for Ukraine, especially those killed in forward areas without adequate weapons or arms and also the number of dead to come in the tumultuous future they are seeding.

So what say you creative souls? I intend to start working on this project as soon as the impeachment vote to convict fails, so we have about a month or two to work with here...
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