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"Lions for Lambs" - 2007 film much overlooked and should be seen and discussed more

Rewatched it today - Redford, Streep, Cruise, all give great performances, but its the content that is so moving.

Yes, it is totally a part of the time - anti-Afghan/Iraq debacle, pro-home investments, but the fact is I can't stop thinking about some of the ideas in the film - especially the idea of MANDATORY ONE YEAR SOCIAL SERVICE FOR ALL AMERICANS in public or private schools...not necessarily a military or bust option either...a year of community service, designed to enrich understanding and get people working together as AMERICANS once more.

We need something similar now for sure. At any rate, if you have not seen the film, it is well worth a watch, but be forewarned, it does trigger some latent or buried anger at the Bush administration that has currently been engulfed by Trump and his malfeasance.

I am overwhelming depressed due to the circumstances around COVID-19 and its impact to my life and my family and my community and my country, but there is some glimmer of hope when IDEAS can still find ways to make being 'Americans' mean something again...more than being a political faction only...
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