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Moostache's Journal
Moostache's Journal
May 31, 2020

So, I guess social distancing and COVID-19 are officially "no big deal" now?

Before I get completely flamed for being insufficiently sympathetic or understanding of the underlying injustice and hate that drives this behavior...

1) The FOUR (4) officers should be charged and await trial in a cell. That was murder on tape and disregard for human life, period.
2) NOTHING excuses the actions of the officers OR the looters. Not "resisting arrest", not very real oppression. Nothing.
3) Systemic racism is REAL and has been for a very, very long time. This is beyond debate.

BUT...why has everyone suddenly 'moved on' from the pandemic and the risks and dangers of these mass protests and marches?
A month ago, no one could go to the store without fear of COVID-19...now? Its riot and protest season? It makes no consistent sense...the danger is/was real or it was not...pent up frustration and legitimate anger not withstanding.

I am seeing "protest rallies" on CNN from major cities with hundreds of people on top of each other, chanting, breathing the same air (and tear gas and pepper spray from the pigs) without any seeming recognition of the fact that there is STILL an active pandemic, that their actions are serious risk to viral outbreaks and then more death and devastation

So is that it?
Have we just collectively decided to shrug, sacrifice the old and the weak and put everyone on god's good humor if they contract?
The virus is highly contagious and opportunistic at spreading...it also does not make many people whi contract it sick enough to even know they are shedding virus and making the death of an innocent 'other' more likely...

FULL DISCLOSURE - I am a hypertensive diabetic with a history of renal cell carcinoma (remission for 11 years...but lost 1/2 a kidney to the disease)... COVID-19 for me is a 50-50 coin flip to live or die, so its obviously personal to me in ways that many who are angry and oppressed and right to feel aggrieved and desiring to lash out in rage...but the media has not mentioned this ONCE - on three channels over HOURS of coverage last night and today...

At some point there are real world consequences to this disregard of real risk...this is also an issue that conservatives and the GOP will be sure to point out in short order...."see...those damn libtards just hate America, when there was no riot or looting, they wanted masks and distances and fear, but as soon as the riots started, the concern for health was NEVER mentioned..."

If you thought last week that the pandemic was a legitimate concern, then why is everyone suddenly silent about it for the last 6 days?

May 20, 2020

Hey Lincoln Project....here's an idea for you to use, free of charge!

Start running a series of ads and online memes calling the pandemic and economic collapse the Trumpocalypse.

Put it on billboards, buses and signs across the country.
Pay farmers to put those interstate signs up that spell out the message for MILES...

Get planes to circle cities with air-banners...
Go on TV shows and pimp out the term...

Make it omnipresent...and then get President Obama to say it a few times.

Trump will fucking implode with rage and hopefully horror.

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