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The "NEW RELIGION"...."I'll pray for you."

It used to be that most people who claimed (and acted accordingly) religion, would be inconveienced to "do the right thing." If they knew of a travesty being committed against a friend or (often) an acquantance they would ACT to help. Often this meant being "inconvenieced" by travelling to an out-of-state court or just "being there" to tell the truth.
I have lately noticed that many people who claim to be very religious, are much more concerned with their well being and the perception that others have of them. Sure, They'll take a few hours a week to attend Church (their peers are there) or to help out in a soup kitchen (their peers do). When it comes to really making a difference and sacrificing their comfort zone, forget it.
If they have a friend or family member that is being accused of illegal or even immoral behavior, even if they KNOW the charges are false and/or can prove it, the thought of being seen (?) in a court of law, disagreeing with the court, is "distasteful" and possibly embarassing. So "I'l pray for you" seems to take the place of "I'll be there for you." Usually this is accompanied by many reasons that they "can't be there." Or how inconvenient it would be for them to actualy be there. They'll gladly write-up (a useless) letter attesting to your character or innocence, yet they are too self-involved to be inconvenienced.
As a person of conviction, which most truly religious people used to be, the thought of an injustice being committed against someone you can help (by simply telling the truth) was an opportunity to show "WWJD." Todays people of religion(?) will help as long as they are not inconveniced.....what a shame and IMO antithetical to the Christian teachings.

Does anyone have any information on the new law

(passed almost unaniously) that criminalizes political protests? On RT tee vee, they were saying that political protesting is now a felony. I do know that the 1st ammendment to the constitution guarantees us this right (obligation) to peacefully assemble and seek redress for our grievances. I find that if a new law, criminalizing our rights as concerned citizens, has passed, then our only recourse would be an eventual civil war that the 99% could not hope to win. Please, someone educate me.
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