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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main
Home country: Germany
Current location: Tacoma, Washington
Member since: Sat Jul 18, 2009, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 22,593

About Me

Ran for US Congress in 1990 from the left. Chairperson of 1989 city advisory initiative calling for 10% reduction in military spending to be divided among deficit reduction and mass transit and social services. Being a miliary town nobody thought we'd get on the balllot let alone win with 64% of the vote. Former chair of peace and justice project for a UMC congregation in Tacoma, Washington.

Journal Archives

FUCK trump (re comment to soldiers widow)

you sorry worthless sack of shit! To tell a pregnant widow with a little child in tow that her combat deceased husband, that "he knew what he signed up for" is one of the worst and inhumane things a president has ever said to one of his constituents.

The total lack of empathy and insensitivity is beyond anything I can compare it to.

I can tell you from experience as the child of a veteran killed because of battle, standing there looking at a box with a flag on it, knowing your father is inside of it and that you will never laugh, cry, share or love with him again is one of the most heart rending moments in ones' life.

I can only imagine how much deeper the sorrow and desolation is for a spouse!

How dare that draft dodging mother fucker be so callous and uncaring. To trump: GO TO HELL!!!!

November 22, 1963

We discussed the easy availability of cheap weapons as a young President was cut down in his prime by a mail order rifle

We couldn't believe it that some one would climb a school tower at a Texas university and kill 14

In 1984 as children were playing in the toyland at a McDonalds 20+ were shot and killed

We watched on the national news as 23 office workers ate their last lunch in a modest Texas cafeteria 1991

In the first major school shoot in CO in 1999, we had a national discussion mental health when two young shooters killed 13

Once again in 2007 our colleges reminded us that there is no safe place, we mourned the loss of 32

2012 ripped our hearts apart as we watched the funerals of 27 innocents

In the deadliest mass shooting in US history just last year, 49 died and all we hear is crickets from our leaders

and now...once again we are shocked and outraged! 50+ dead 406+ injured

it's time for decent Americans to DEMAND change in our gun laws, it's time to march in the streets, it's time to hold the NRA accountable, it's time to do more than thoughts and prayers!!!

I am actually at a loss for words....I will contact my representatives and will advocate for restrictions on automatic weapons, will implore our elected officials to turn down requests for eliminating silencer laws....and I will grieve for what our nation could be...

"Give me your tired, your poor..."

Ending DACA is one of the cruelest act a chief executive/dictator of any nation as ever done. This doesn't just affect the DEAMERS, but also children of those dreamers, siblings, classmates, friends, employers.
The break up of families and communities is also the break up of this great expirement in democracy that this nation has taken part in for the past 241 years.

Many say this is a "Christian" nation. For who? This is a nation open to all? But only if you are white? Wealthy and from a handful of nations we approve of. There are no "illegals" just the undocumented who happen to usually be the most vulnerable.

As an immigrant myself, I came to this nation as even as a child I was inspired by the poem on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty by Emma Lazarus:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
the wretched refuse of your teeming shores,
send these the homeless tempest tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

As lady liberty stands as a welcome beacon in the NY?NJ harbor and weeps,
it is up to us who have a voice to call out for justice, to remind our fellow
citizens of one of the original missions of this nation,
to fight for justice and to be the beloved community to make us whole.
It is time to take to the streets and DEMAND that our leaders do what is right and just!

oops put this originally in the wrong forum by accident How long do you think trump

will last as president and why

For Mother's Day: Two Moms

My mom was born in Germany 9 months after Hitler took power. When she was 9 years old the Third Reich made all the children leave the major cities (Hitler's theory was that the children were the future of Reich) and Frankfurt being the transportation center of Europe was one of those. She had to walk for miles in the snows of Bavaria to a Catholic orphanage and the afterwards she was a refugee sleeping in barns, sheds and with willing families making her trek back to her home city. As a result, she got frostbite which turned to gangrene when she was pregnant with me and in order to save my life she had her leg amputated with just a local anesthetic. She married a US Military Serviceman and we came to the United States. She became a widow at 31 (my Dad died because of being shot in Vietnam) and she raised me by herself. In that time she taught me about peace and justice, geography, politics, history and helped me make my US Citizenship, encouraged my musical talent and tried to instill a sense of pride about my native heritage. At age 15, my mom had a severe brain hemorrhage which ultimately killed her and in entered my second mom.

I was living by myself and learned how to cook instant oatmeal, pudding and make hamburgers which I had every night and morning. The neighbors narc'd on me to social services and I had to find a home or live in group home or orphanage. A friend of mine told his pastor at our neighborhood church about my plight and he and his wife came and asked me if I would like to live with them. My foster mom took in this orphan (me) and taught me about gracious hospitality, a more nuanced sense peace and justice, encouraged me to revel in my German heritage and had infinite patience with an ADHD teen who had the world on his shoulders.

To both moms: thank you for what you taught me, for putting up with me, the memories of infinite joys and most of for the care and love you had shown me.

We all have a mothering and fathering spirit in us. We belong to what Martin Luther King referred to as the "Beloved Community" it's in these private acts of grace that we equip others to publicly serve and blaze the trail of true progress and a more just world.

To these two mothers in particular and to all who mother, thank you! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

trump is so fucking stupid that he doesn't even know

what he doesn't know. The problem is a combination of greed, intellectual laziness and an over active ego. This scares the shit out of me because couple his vindictive personality, I see disaster for the American people. This latest stunt with the Russian press in the oval office is just one more example of the incompetence of this administration. For the republican party to sit by and watch it happens means only one of two things 1) either there are also neck deep in this shit 2) they're dumber than trump.

It pisses me off to no end when:

I listen to pundits talk about how the Democrats lost the election. No they didn't lose it. First of all, Hillary won by 3,000,000 votes. Secondly and more importantly, the repukes cheated. They cheated just enough in 3 Northern States to put trump over the top in the Electoral College. In addition to massive voter suppression, they colluded with the Russians and I have a feeling that most of the top repukes were in on it from day one. That's one of the reasons they staled the Supreme Court confirmation. Why don't the fucking pundits point that out and some real reporting for a change.

I lost my lunch today

I was having lunch in a restaurant today, minding my own business. There were four older folks in a booth behind me talking rather loudly.

The woman behind me was chattering on and on about how horrible undocumented people are and then one of the guys with her started yapping that he doesn't even think legal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the US. By that point (Being an immigrant myself) I had enough...just as I finished lunch one of the women started to go on and on about the protests and how horrible they are. Then the guy with her proclaimed that they (the protesters) are paid and making 50.00 an hour. Wow! I'm all for that, that's more than I make.

I asked them where I sign up to protest and how they know about this. Their response was that it was Fox News who told them. I asked where Fox had found that out. Their response was that it must be true if Fox told them. The implication was that Fox wouldn't lie.

By that point I had to get out of there. I swear to God I am leaning more and more for a civics test in order for people to vote. The stupid is so profound. I fear for the US.

Not quite a political post

Today would have been my dad's 90th birthday. He died right before Christmas 1964 at 38 years of age when I was 6.

My dad was born in NYC in a neighborhood in which he had to walk about 20 blocks to school. In those 20 blocks he heard and learned 3 different languages. By the time he was 25 years old he was fluent in five languages.

At 17 years old he signed up along with millions of others to enlist in the US Army and was sent to Europe to fight for liberation of our allied populations. After the war he posed as a clerk in a East German hotel and passed along information to the US Government about what was going on there.
When the Korean War started he was sent there and then back to Germany after the Korean War at which time he met my mother.

When things were just being heated up in the Eisenhower administration, on December 28 1960 he was sent to a little known place called Vietnam because of his skill both in Languages and in deciphering code. On January 17, 1961 he was shot by a sniper and came stateside to live with his family (my mom and I) one night right before Christmas of 1964, after having suffered a stroke previously, he had a massive heart attack and killed him.

What my mom had told me of him (I barely remember him) he had insisted that Franklin Roosevelt was the greatest president we have ever had due to his creating jobs and other liberal policies. He said FDR would have been a near perfect president had it not been for imprisoning the Japanese.

My dad was great defender of civil rights (even getting arrested for letting a woman of color sit in the front seat of a car with him) he despised those that were quick to saber rattle or plunge into war.

What is going on now to me, totally desecrates what he fought for, what he believed in and devalues what my father and millions of others have been led to believe to be the sacred principles of our democratic society.

As a birthday present to my father, I thank others who have stood up to the tyranny and bullying of the past and of the present. I pray that we soon restore some common sense and even more so some common empathy into our civic affairs and become the nation that my father fought for!

Sorry this is so long!!!

This is catholic schools week

we need to fight against private education. I was a product of 8 years of private catholic school education. For all of those 8 years, all the school did was tell us how much better we were than our public school counterparts! We were also taught that our faith was the only right one and that others were precluded from eternal life! The teachers looked with disdain on public school students. On Saturdays kids from the public schools came in to receive religious instruction. Usually at some point during the week when a private school kid was missing something or something was broken, the teachers would lay the blame on the public school students who came in on Saturday's

My wife wound up working for private schools for 14 years. First of all they pay nothing like the public schools. Secondly they treat their employees like shit. One principal told my wife and fellow staff members that "teachers are a dime a dozen" One principal told my wife that she "had no right to be pregnant because it will cost the school extra money for substitutes" There are no employment protections in the private system and this is what this administration wants to go back to. We made it a point to NEVER send our children to a private school. In the 26 years of being in the public system, they each received a world class education.

Private schools are a breeding ground for racists, climate deniers, christo-fascists and those wishing to feed at the corporate trough of privatized education. FUCK ALL PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!!
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