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Name: dRwOOD
Gender: Male
Hometown: PA
Home country: Earth
Member since: Thu Mar 4, 2010, 08:39 AM
Number of posts: 2,872

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As a country... do we need to hit rock bottom??

I ask this with all honesty..

I am a 40 something Latino, born of parents that came up from a little Commonwealth island in the Caribbean in search of economic prosperity (aka "the American dream". And although they dropped out of school before even making it to high school and with their limited English, they did a pretty good job of raising a small family with the work that they were able to find ..Anyway, I am getting off track here.. long story short, I was raised poor - but happy

I am not a product of higher education, but I have worked hard and I have exceeded my HS education limitations to management levels at various companies. I never followed politics growing up, even well into my 20's.. in fact, it took the company that I had worked for 10 years in the 90's into the early 2000's to be shut down and moved to the Mexican border for me to finally wake up and "get it" - yes, I was "displaced".. I thought I was going to retire from this company, I had gone from trade worker on the floor to mid-level management in a manufacturing environment.. an unlikely journey, but proof that hard work, determination & integrity still had value.

Well, what this shock to my world did was open my eyes to an undeniable fact I had not been aware existed.. government, politics and their policies had a direct effect on my life.. boom, imagine that. Not only were our jobs steadily flowing overseas by policies enacted in the 80/90's, but the union shops (like the one I was at) were being gutted for cheaper labor down near the border or in other states that were more corporate friendly (if you get my drift).. Of course the company claimed it was a necessary consolidation of manufacturing assets.. but come one, we all know what that was about. And I say this as not being part of the union anymore (at that point).. side-note; this location/facility had been in operation for 50+ years and it was still very profitable at the point of mothballing..

So that was 13+ years ago, my political leanings were obviously shaped by this experience and the consequent enlightenment of the 2000 election a couple years earlier had really fueled me to learn as much about our country and it's history as I could.. the 2004 election was my first time voting, unfortunately this was also going to be my first experience voting AGAINST someone and not necessarily FOR someone.. the first but not the last as 2012 was a reminder..

Sorry for the long winded post so far, I just found the need to explain how I have come to this sad and sobering conclusion/ question.. here me out - this country really need a wake up call.. with all the distractions and the lack of engagement from the everyday electorate.. Is a Trump presidency almost necessary?? Do we need to hit rock bottom?? like some addicts do to realize that the direction we've been heading in for 30+ years has been misguided and intentionally undermining the hard working middle class and marginalizing the poor.. what will it take to get an FDR type presidency again?? How many politicians have to be bought before we say enough?? How many billions have to be spent in campaigning before common folks say.. WTF?? I just can't believe we are here again, I honestly thought 2008 was the turning point.. but it wasn't. I know rock bottom equates to more suffering of the poor and the working poor - but I really don't see an alternative to wake up a populous that has fallen asleep... as long as Facebook is up & running, the Kardashians are on tv and hover-boards are blowing up - no one really gives a shit..

I don't like asking it and I fear it as a real possibility, but is rock bottom our necessary evil??
Posted by disillusioned73 | Fri Feb 26, 2016, 10:28 AM (17 replies)
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