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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 02:31 PM
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Wisconsin's Trade Deficit with China has Exploded Under Walker

And Squatty thinks thats "good and fair".


According to foreign trade statistics from the U.S. Census Department, When Scott Walker came into office in 2010, the trade deficit with China was one of the worst in the country at 3.4 billion, but since that time, the deficit has exploded by 23% to 4.2 billion. This 23% percent increase, is above the national average, which has seen the trade deficit with China increase by 15%, from 273 billion in 2010 to 315 billion in 2012. In addition, Wisconsin's overall trade defict has also increased under Walker by 175 million, with China being the main driver of our overall trade deficit.

However, when Walker appeared on a propaganda media channel owned by the Chinese government recently, wearing a pin with the Chinese flag aside the U.S flag, he refuted claims by both Romney and Obama in the 2012 Presidential campaign that jobs were being shipped overseas to China, saying that in Wisconsin, the trade relationshiop has been "good and fair":

"I think all to often in the world of politics, no matter who you're talking about, the feeling is that jobs somehow, previously somehow, were outsourced to China and there wasn't return on that and in our case we're not going to get bogged down in national policy. The best way for us to show that there is a good and fair trading system is to do what we're doing right here." (points to himself). We're living it, not just talking about it, we're living it."

In 2011, the Economic Policy Institute calculated that in the previous ten years, Wisconsin had a net job loss of 54,600 Wisconsin jobs because of the the trade deficit with China and other have calculated that Wisconsin has lost more jobs to outsourcing than any other state in the last two decades.

(Video not recommended for those prone to nausea.)

Wisconsin: DPW seminar in FOX VALLEY area

from my email ...

Greetings, this email is to alert all FOX VALLEY area county parties to two Democratic Party of Wisconsin seminars being held on NOVEMBER 2nd Green Bay and on NOVEMBER 3rd in Appleton.

As part of our Spring Forward program, we are partnering with Wisconsin Progress to train potential candidates for local office.

Can you help us spread the word through your County Party Facebook and Twitter accounts?

Below are sample posts that can be copied and pasted into your accounts.

Sample text for Facebook post:
If you are thinking about running for local office in the Fox Valley, we want to help. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin, in partnership with Wisconsin Progress, will be in Green Bay November 2nd and Appleton November 3rd to train candidates running for local office. Please visit wisdems.org/localcandidatetrainings to RSVP.

Sample text for Twitter post:
Want to run for local office? RSVP for a candidate training in the Fox Valley - http://bit.ly/19B0pNM

Again, please feel free to email me with any questions, samuel.mitchell@alumni.nd.edu OR smmitchell2@wisc.edu, or call DPW Headquarters, 1-608-255-5172, and ask for Jake Hajdu or Amanda Brink.

Best Wishes,

Sam Mitchell

As an older American, struggling with new technology, I appreciate this explanation ...

Being defined by what you want...

Maine: Bellows kicks off Senate campaign


ELLSWORTH, Maine (AP) - The former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine has formally launched her campaign for U.S. Senate.

Shenna Bellows, who's seeking the Democratic Party nomination to challenge three-term Republican Susan Collins, told supporters Wednesday in Ellsworth that the nation needs more "courage and honesty" in Washington.

She held the kickoff event in Ellsworth, next to the town of Hancock, where she grew up. That's being followed by events in Portland, Lewiston and Eliot, along with a rally Thursday in Presque Isle.


Bellows has never run for public office, but this will not be her first campaign. She helped lead the ballot-measure campaign to approve same-sex marriage in Maine last year

The NRA - Standing tall for domestic abusers

Meet US Congresswoman Renee Ellmers

Dear Florida, Louisianna, Wisconsin, Texas, et al ....

Judge Carlo Key, on renouncing the Republican Party

Wisconsin: Mary Burke Promises She Won't Remove Walker's Statewide Voucher Program


In his manifesto, "Public Schools: Privatize Them," (Milton) Friedman hatched a plan to end public schools: vouchers. Vouchers, he said, were "a means, not an end" to privatize public schools and that by draining resources and allowing public schools to wither on the vine, students would gradually be lured out of public schools and into the private sector, paid for with vouchers.

That, in a nut shell, is why progressives and anyone who wants to pass on to their children and grandchildren the tradition of truly public schools, abhor vouchers. That is why the Democratic party opposes vouchers in our platform and the NEA has identified opposition to vouchers a "top priority."

So, yesterday, when Mary Burke finally made a promise and told the Wisconsin State Journal that, although she opposed Walker's statewide expansion of vouchers, she nonetheless would do nothing to remove the statewide voucher program, jaws dropped throughout Wisconsin's progressive community:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke said Monday she wouldn’t have expanded private school vouchers statewide, which Gov. Scott Walker did in this year’s state budget. However, Burke said if elected she would keep the statewide program in place with a cap of 1,000 students and seek accountability for private schools receiving public funds in Milwaukee.
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