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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 02:31 PM
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With the "presumptive nominees" set, the mood of the electorate begins to crystallize.

I'm a Bernie supporter, but only because I want some of that free stuff.

Hillary and Geithner, Bernie and Geithner


The Washington Post reports today that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner proposed Hillary Clinton step in to replace him at the Treasury so that he could step down in the spring of 2011, but that the idea was eventually nixed by the White House.


According to the Post, Clinton actually expressed "cautious interest" in the switch, and Wall Street was pretty sold on the idea, given Clinton's ties to the financial services industry and sharp political intuition.

But the White House was reportedly worried about Clinton's loyal aides, who had frequently clashed with the President's staff when she took over the Secretary of State post.

Compare and contrast with ...

Q: What President won his party's nomination with fewer 1st vote delegates than his competitor?

A: Abraham Lincoln

Sanders Candidacy Has Evolved Into an Inspiring World-Changing Success - HuffPo


• Bernie has placed the issue of America’s corrupt campaign finance system front and center on the political agenda. And he’s done it not only with words but with deeds, raising over $200 million from over 8 million individual contributions averaging $27, while Hillary has relied on larger contributions and several Super PACs. Until millionaires, billionaires and corporations are no longer allowed to buy our elections, it’s unlikely that we will solve any of the nation’s serious problems. Bernie is leading the way.

• Bernie has made “democratic socialism” a word that can now be spoken in polite company. 42% of Iowa Democratic caucus-goers identified themselves as socialists. A year ago, I doubt if the number would have been 4%. Increasingly, younger people reject unfettered, unregulated neoliberal forms of capitalism and are looking for an alternative. Bernie has started to provide one.

• Bernie has set the political agenda for the Democratic Party and the progressive movement while Hillary has followed meekly behind. He has made the issue of economic inequality one of the pressing issues of our times. Raising the minimum wage to $15; guaranteeing healthcare to all Americans; making it possible for every student who wants it to get a free college education at a public institution; increasing social security benefits by lifting the cap on social security taxes for wealthy taxpayers; creating well-paying jobs by investing in our crumbling infrastructure; taxing Wall Street transactions; breaking up the biggest banks who tanked the economy and threw millions out of work; opposing corporate-friendly trades deals that send American jobs overseas: These are the winning issues for Democrats. Hillary and the Democratic Party would be wise to appropriate much of Bernie’s programs if they want to defeat Trump and win over voters who’ve been left out of the neoliberal global economy.

• Bernie has emphasized that climate change is the existential issue of our times. He opposes fracking. And he wants to put a tax on carbon. Adequately addressing climate change could literally determine the future of the human race on this planet.
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