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There's a reason the Powers That Be want women to be unhappy with themselves

Challenge, Counter, Defy

"60 Minutes calls Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson a philanthropist ..."

We need this in all 50 States


Join us as we walk across the state of New Hampshire to bring awareness to the central issue that binds us all.

As the first step in rebelling against a broken system and a dysfunctional Congress, the NHRebellion invites you to continue Granny D and Aaron’s work by walking down through New Hampshire. On January 11, 2014—15 years after Granny D began her walk, and beginning on the day Aaron died—we will walk the state from the top to the bottom, recruiting as many citizens in New Hampshire to this cause as we can. Our walk will end on January 24th, the day Granny D was born. We hope you will dedicate yourself to joining this monumental cause, as New Hampshire’s citizens light the first flames of sweeping, nation-wide reform.

This walk is just one project in a series of projects that the New Hampshire Rebellion will be taking on in the lead up to the 2016 New Hampshire primary with the focus on just one question...

The question is: "What will YOU do to end the system of corruption in Washington?"

Wisconsin: Even More Walker Headaches Over BadgerCare


Yet another change is being sought to the state's BadgerCare program. As you are no doubt familiar, Walker has received frequent criticism for his rejection of federal enhanced Medicaid funds to fill in the gaps in BadgerCare. After rejecting the funds he opted to cover some under the federal poverty line and kick others currently on the program off (mainly parents). When it became clear that those being forced off of BadgerCare may not have enough time to enroll in the ACA marketplace without a gap in coverage, a special session was called to try and give those forced off of BadgerCare more time but in the process denying those below the poverty line access to the program for months at a time.

On top of that, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Monday Dec 30th: "In addition, the Walker administration also informed lawmakers Monday that the state's overall Medicaid programs faced a projected shortfall of about $93 million in state tax dollars"


Now the new changes: Walker's Dept of Health Services Secretary Kitty Rhoades sent a letter saying that to do Walker's plan of delaying care to some means that they cannot reject parents and caretakers over the poverty line for coverage now. But these parents and caretakers only have a short window, and will still be kicked off BadgerCare come March 31st. If you are a parent or caretaker between 100-200% of the federal poverty line you can sign up for BadgerCare for coverage during February and March but you MUST enroll by February 1st. While this is good news for those impacted, they have exactly a month to enroll and will only have it for a short period so unfortunately it is hardly the best of all possible options.

All this headache and heartache for families and communities comes at too great a cost. This hobbled together system of covering some, denying others and forcing tens of thousands off of BadgerCare doesn't need to happen. This is just further proof that Walker's BadgerCare changes must be scraped; enough is enough, accept the federal Medicaid funds for BadgerCare!

In 2013 we saw ...

It's time to re-connect

Five years of Obama and what do we get?

Journalism’s Surrender (Andrew Sullivan)


I should end the year on an upbeat note, shouldn’t I? But Time Inc. ruined it. The surrender of journalism to advertizing and public relations – not alliance with, but surrender to – was the biggest media story of 2013 that the media almost didn’t cover at all. But it’s right there in black and white, if buried on the slowest news day of the year:

Time Inc. will abandon the traditional separation between its newsroom and business sides, a move that has caused angst among its journalists. Now, the newsroom staffs at Time Inc.’s magazines will report to the business executives. Such a structure, once verboten at journalistic institutions, is seen as necessary to create revenue opportunities and stem the tide of declining subscription and advertising sales.

Now remember this is not some desperate trade magazine; this is Time Fucking Inc. Journalists at Time will report directly to those on the business side (or is that now an anachronism?) seeking advertizing revenues and sponsored content contracts. That’s what the editors now are. And listen to the howls of outrage swirling around every other journalistic institution, read the columns decrying the end of independent journalism, witness the mass exits of outraged editors, observe the talking heads fulminate and readers rebel!

Actually, there was one resignation, and it was a deeply honorable one: Among those who expressed concern was Martha Nelson, the recently departed editor in chief. Before Mr. Ripp came aboard and brought on Mr. Pearlstine, the magazines’ editors all reported to Ms. Nelson, who was seen as a staunch defender of newsroom autonomy. Late last summer, Mr. Ripp invited Ms. Nelson to Nantucket to discuss his plans, according to several current and former Time Inc. executives. Troubled by the idea of reporting to the business side, she resigned. “When Joe suggested a new structure that required editors to report to the business heads, I wasn’t comfortable being part of it,” Ms. Nelson said. “You can’t take apart what you have promoted and built.”
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