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Member since: Sun Apr 10, 2011, 11:27 AM
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If it's 80 degrees in mid-October then global warming is true, right?

Is it just me? Sometimes I just feel that progressives, liberals, the left in general just really suck at memes, propaganda, or messaging. Take this October warm spell for example. Just two weeks before Halloween, and itís hitting 80 degrees, in NY. It hit 100 degrees in Dodge City, KS today. Warm temperature records are breaking throughout the country. So where are all the snarky tweets, posts, comments from liberals about how ďGlobal Warming must be true!Ē. Yet you can bet your bottom dollar that the first big snowfall we have this winter in January or February or earlier will bring out all the right wing trolls exclaiming how Global Warming is a hoax! Just look at all the snow and cold temperatures! Here we have a big opportunity, a gift, to promote the meme that this Global Warming thing, is well, a thing. Yet, thereís nothing. So, we wonder why so many people believe right wing myths. Itís partly because we fail to take advantage of opportunities like this. We need to do better at beating the right at their own game to spread the truth more effectively.
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