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Glamrock's Journal
Glamrock's Journal
October 21, 2018

Been using a new tact with Republicans. ie. Immigration.

Had a discussion with 3 blue collar dudes while smoking outside a hotel last week.

Immigration came up. I told them Republicans love illegal immigrants. It's cheap labor. At first they we're flabbergasted to hear it. I continued that they were using the issue to drive a wedge into the electorate. It's just used to win elections so they can cut taxes for the rich, I said. How's that last tax cut working out for you? What'd you get? $10-$30 a month? And now they wanna pay for it by cutting SS and Medicare? Wouldn't you rather have had no tax cut and know that shit is safe? Unsure murmers was the reply I got. As I finished my Marlboro, I hit em with this. If they really wanted to stop illegal immigration, they'd propose exorbitant fines and jail time on those who hire them. Problem solved. Hell, they got the majority of the Congress and the Whitehouse. They could pass that without a single Dem vote if they really wanted to stop it. That left them speechless. They were absolutely thinking about it as I walked away.

May 17, 2018

I dig this board!

I started lurking here during the Bush years, prolly '03? Didn't start posting till prolly '05. Lost my info and re-signed up in 11 I think. Anyhoo, I've laughed, I've cried. I've met people who've become friends, and fellow music lovers and musicians who have become deeper friends. (In both cases, y'all know who you is!) I've met animal lovers with kindred spirits that I adore. I've argued and agreed. I've fought, and thought, and changed my mind.

But at the center of it all, there's a community. A beautiful, diverse community of people of all races. All creeds. All types of sexuality. All ages and all levels of education. WE are America my brothers and sisters. WE are the ideal that this nation was founded on. We may not always get along. We may fight each other tooth and nail (especially during the primaries jesusfuckingchrist and I'm just as guilty). But we're all fellow travelers united by our love of what this country really stands for.

It's not taking care of those who don't need help. Not exclusion based on color, religion, sexuality, etc. It's a sense of justice. For all. It's a sense of I am my brothers keeper. It is a sense of protecting the weakest among us. It is a sense of Yes We Can build a better society.

I'm proud to be member of such a community. Maybe I'm a little too deep in my cups and being sappy, but I dig this board.

May 16, 2018

I've got it narrowed down. I've done too much LSD, I've lost my mind,

or I'm living in a goddamned George Orwell novel!

Every goddamned day, i wake up, light up a Marlboro ultra light and peruse the news. What......a fuckin trip man. Is this shit real? Can't be. But the walls don't seem to be breathing. I got no tracers. My face isn't melting in the mirror. What the fuck is going on, right?

Case in point. We have a presidunce who's base includes the fucking "moral majority" (and might I digress to add fuck them). And it's now common, pretty undisputed fact that he he was fucking a porn star while the birther FLOTUS was recovering from childbirth. In fact, $130 grand was paid out to keep her quiet. And where's the "moral majority"? Fucking crickets man. Fucking crickets. These are the same people that were soooooo offended that a Democratic President got him some head from an intern. Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly cool with that... But I'm a realist. Hell, the French newspapers have been known to post pics of their President on a yacht with his mistress. That's what men in power do. They get some strange. Been that way since we learned to walk upright. Hopefully, the metoo movement might make some strides in changing that shit, but i doubt it. Testosterone is a powerful drug. Mark my words, if Trump is removed from office, Pence will be dipping his wick. Although, I'm inclined to believe it will be with a 20 something young man. Way to much homophobic smoke for there not to be a fire there.... But I digress. How in thee fuck are these people not outraged? Maybe I'm just tripping balls, but I don't have that twitchy feeling so i'm guessing not.

And then there's the almost weekly verbal fellating of Putin by Komrad Kombover. What the actual fuck? All I heard while we had a real leader was how soft he was on the Russians. Now we got a dude (i refuse to denigrate the office by referring to him as anything but dude) who refuses to enforce sanctions and who is constantly verbally licking the balls of his favorite oligarch. He might as well show up in the oval office when the Russians visit in a ball gag and a gimp suit. But hey, as long as he goes on twitter and announces,"NO one has been tougher on Russia than Donald J. Trump," his sycophants believe this shit. It's unbelievable! I'm looking for the eye in George Harrison's hand to blink (20 points if you get the reference). Ain't happening. Okay. Fine. I'm not tripping.

This motherfucker is ass deep in emoluments clause violations (a mouthful, but I'm a liberal, so i actually know what it means unlike my knuckle dragging, FOX news watching peers). But what do I hear daily? Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, Hillary fucking Clinton. And the Clinton foundation. Did our allies and enemies donate to that motherfucker. Yes. Were the Clinton's raking in the cash from it? Fuck no. A resounding, unapologetic, screaming from the goddamned rooftops FUCK NO! It's a triple A rated charity. Let me repeat that shit. A TRIPLE A RATED CHARITY. Once more for effect, yeah? A TRIPLE A RATED FUCKING CHARITY. Meanwhile, the Trump foundation has been shut down for fraud, he's bilking the taxpayers millions of dollars every time he goes to Tack-istan (otherwise known as Mar A Lago) by charging the taxpayer for rooms for the secret service, meals, even fucking greens fees and golf cart rental. And this is the asshole who had soooo much more stamina than Hillary. What the fuck do you need a golf cart for? In fact, he was the healthiest person to ever run for President. And then we find out that was written not by his doctor but dictated to his doctor by himself, Jesusfuckingchrist. And while I'm on the subject, didn't Obama golf too much? Didn't the Archie Bunker Billionaire declare on twitter that if he was President, he wouldn't have time to golf? Because he'd be too busy doing the peoples' business. Yeah. Okay. Well, I'm not hearing voices. And I'm not drooling. I don't seem to be without my mental faculties, obscenities aside.

And then I wonder if in fact, I'm living in a George Orwell novel. I mean, really that's the only other explanation there could be. The GOP, who insisted that no President is above the law when Clinton was getting his rocks off (as if I give two shits. See paragraph 2), is now tripping over each other to commit obstruction of justice to show fealty to a person (and I use that term oh so fucking lightly) that had he not been born into money, would make a living mopping out the stalls at the adult bookstore. Seriously. Un-fucking-believable. And if that's not enough, these "law-and-order" motherfuckers are actually going after the FBI to protect the aforementioned jism-mopper. The conspiracy theories that are borne to protect this asshole would normally get you locked up and injected with enough lithium to produce a worldwide battery shortage. But not today! Not fucking today. Anything. Fucking anything that can explain away every hypocrisy, corrupt act, or moral failure by this orange douche bag is not only accepted, but embraced! Even if you'd have to huff gasoline for twenty years to be mentally "fit" enough to accept it. It's all good now.

I guess that's it then. We're all living in a George Orwell novel. Up is down. Ignorance is strength. Black is white. Would somebody do me a favor and turn the fucking page?

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