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Current location: Virginia
Member since: Wed Jun 1, 2011, 07:34 PM
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Navy brat-->University fac brat. All over-->Wisconsin-->TN-->VA. RN (ret), married, grandmother of 11. Progressive since birth. My mouth may be foul but my heart is wide open.

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Something I just saw

"Just saw someone onReddit refer to Texas as *Howdy Arabia" and I am absolutely exhausted by how accurate that is."--cribbed from a Facebook post.

Mob-Fleeing Dweeb Josh Hawley Is Writing a Book Called 'Manhood'

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), a man whose salary we all unfortunately help pay, is writing a book, or having someone write one under his name. Either way, it’s coming out in May 2023, and it’s called Manhood: The Masculine Virtues Americans Need.

We’ll save you the suspense: This book literally no one asked for is based on a speech Hawley once gave to fellow reactionary idiots:

"Can we be surprised that after years of being told that they are the problem, that their manhood is the problem, more and more men are withdrawing into the enclave of idleness, and pornography, and video games?"

Hawley announced the book days after he made headlines for running in fear away from a Capitol insurrection he helped foment. In a video shown at the House Jan. 6 hearings, which drew much laughter from the room, Hawley raises a fist in support of the mob of insurrectionists outside the Capitol, and then later literally sprints through the halls to escape them.

So this is definitely the most hilarious and humiliating possible moment for the senator to announce that he’s writing the definitive book on what it means to be a man. But conservative men will no doubt buy it nonetheless, because the masculinity panic on the Right is very real: Fox News darling Tucker Carlson, who hosted an entire special on how to raise testosterone levels earlier this year, had a former Abercrombie and Fitch manager on his to recommend tanning one’s testicles. Nevermind that experts warn that toasting your balls (“bromeopathic therapy,” as Carlson’s show called it) could actually kill a man’s fertility, because testicles hang outside the body specifically for the purpose of keeping sperm cool.


I thought about putting this under Humor, but no, it's REAL.

Woman Tells Congress What It's Like to Be Hacked by NSO's Pegasus

On June 14 of last year, the daughter of Paul Rusesabagina, a former hotel manager credited with saving hundreds of lives during the genocide in Rwanda who is now in prison in the country, met with the Belgian foreign affairs minister to discuss her father’s situation. On the same day, her phone was hacked using tools made by spyware vendor NSO Group, according to forensic analysis of her phone.

On Wednesday, the daughter, whose name is Carine Kanimba, testified in front of Congress in a hearing on the threat of the proliferation of commercial spyware made by companies like NSO Group. In front of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence committee, Kanimba shared her experience as the victim of sophisticated government spyware.

“I was mortified, and I am terrified,” Kanimba said.

Kanimba said she believes NSO Group’s spyware was used by the Rwandan government to keep an eye on her and her family’s efforts to secure the release of her father, who in 2020 was abducted in Dubai and later convicted in Rwanda on terrorism charges. Kanimba explained the psychological pain she’s suffered because of the surveillance.

“I am frightened by what the Rwandan government will do to me and my family next,” she said. “It keeps me awake that they knew everything I was doing, where I was, who I was speaking with, my private thoughts, and actions at any moment they wanted.”

Even now that her case is public, Kanimba said the Rwandan government could still “reinfect” her phone.


More lovely folks /s

New York Cop Bought Rifle for Neo-Nazi 'Rapekreig' Marine Who Planned Synagogue Attack: Feds

A former Marine accused of being in a neo-Nazi group called “Rapekrieg” planned to attack a synagogue and had a New York police officer purchase an assault rifle for him, federal prosecutors allege.

Facing several firearms charges, former U.S. Marine Matthew Belanger is alleged to have prepared an attack on a synagogue, attempted to pass his military training on to his neo-Nazi comrades, and written a screed urging both racial and sexual violence.

Belanger’s alleged neo-Nazi ties came out in a July 14 memo responding to his request to be released from detention to his family home while awaiting trial. The court memo, filed by the prosecutors and was first reported on by Rolling Stone, states Belanger’s actions and affiliations show that he could “pose a danger to the community” and strongly recommended against releasing him from custody. The judge has not yet ruled whether he will be released.

Rapekreig members who spoke to authorities said Belanger, during his time with the Marines, wrote the group’s manifesto. The court document contained several excerpts of the Rapekrieg manifesto. The rambly racist screed described rape as “an extremely effective tool against our many foes.” The court documents states that the group endorses “the rape of white women to increase the production of white children in furtherance of Raprekrieg’s goal of creating a white ethno-state through accelerationist means.” Another section talks about the necessity of killing Jewish children and urges members to prepare themselves to do this.

The memo states Rapekrieg has “overlapping beliefs and membership with Atomwaffen Division and Rapewaffen,” other neo-Nazi accelerationist groups. These groups form nodes of an international network of online organized modern neo-Nazis focused on militant accelerationism, which hopes to fasten the fall of modern society. Many neo-Nazis associated with this network are serving lengthy prison sentences for myriad crimes (including murder) they took part in as members of these groups.


What lovely people! /s

This Grandma's Dying Wish Was a Giant Dick on Her Grave

MEXICO CITY — Before her death, 99-year-old Catarina Orduña Pérez had one final wish: a giant statue of a dick on top of her grave.

Her family unveiled the completed monument — a five-and-a-half foot tall cock and balls weighing nearly 600 pounds — mounted on her tomb at a cemetery in Mexico this past weekend as a “recognition of her love and joy for life.”

“She wanted to break the paradigm of everything Mexican, where things are sometimes hidden because of not having an open mind,” her grandson Álvaro Mota Limón told VICE World News in an interview. “She was always very avant-garde, very forward thinking about things.”

Doña Cata, as she was lovingly known throughout the small town of Misantla in the eastern state of Veracruz, had a particular affinity for penises, and what she believed they represented.

“She always said, in the Mexican sense, that we were vergas,” said Mota Limón.

There are few words in Mexican slang as dynamic as “verga,” which is perhaps best translated in English as “cock” due to its general use as a profanity. Depending on how its phrased, “verga” can be a brutal insult, telling someone to go fuck themselves (vete a la verga) or that they’re not worth shit (vales verga). Or it can be a compliment, a badge of honor, that if something is “verga,” it is cool or badass.


That's the kind of badass old lady I want to be!

Parade attack suspect indicted for murder, attempted murder

The man accused of opening fire on an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago has been indicted by a grand jury on 21 first-degree murder counts, 48 counts of attempted murder and 48 counts of aggravated battery, representing the seven people killed and dozens wounded in the attack on a beloved holiday event.

Prosecutors previously filed seven murder charges against Robert E. Crimo III. They announced the grand jury’s decision to indict him on 117 felony charges on Wednesday.

Attorneys for Crimo have not made a formal response yet to any of the charges he faces in the July Fourth shooting in downtown Highland Park, Illinois. A representative for the county public defenders office, which is representing Crimo, said Wednesday that it does not comment publicly on any cases.

Prosecutors have said Crimo, 21, admitted to the shooting when police arrested him following an hourslong search on July 4.

Under Illinois law, prosecutors can ask a grand jury to determine whether there is probable cause to proceed to trial. Grand jury proceedings aren’t open to the public and defense attorneys cannot cross-examine witnesses.

The multiple first-degree murder charges allege Crimo intended to kill, caused death or great bodily harm and took action with a strong probability of causing death or great bodily harm on the seven people who died.


What could be Florida Gov. DeSantis' undoing on the national stage? HBCUs.

By Nicholas Mitchell

Within higher education, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ education reforms designed to combat what he considers “woke indoctrination” have rightfully generated a great deal of concern about the future of academic freedom in the state. This concern is shared nationally because of how entrenched the anti-critical race theory moral panic has become within social conservatism across the country.

But while the debate over “woke indoctrination” has been covered extensively, attention on the topic ignores a critical question: What happens if DeSantis — a 2024 Republican presidential favorite — accuses a historically Black college or university of woke indoctrination because he doesn’t like how it teaches Black history or ways of looking at society and the law?

If that happened, the damage would be significant. Indeed, the elephant in the lecture hall looming over DeSantis’ higher education initiatives can be summed up in four letters: HBCU.

Nationally, there are 101 HBCUs; 52 are public institutions, and 49 are private, nonprofit institutions. There are four HBCUs in Florida, including Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (widely known as FAMU), in the state capital, Tallahassee. HBCUs have historically been and remain repositories of knowledge that was denied by the predominantly white colleges and universities that dominate academia. Their graduates include such crucial figures as Martin Luther King Jr., Pauli Murray, Thurgood Marshall and Vice President Kamala Harris.

As a curriculum theorist and a Black Southerner, I’ve been struck by how HBCUs have been missing from the national discussions about how race should be taught on college campuses. I suspect that part of the reason for this glaring omission is that when people not from the South think about “higher education,” they automatically think of predominantly white colleges and universities like the University of Florida. However, in the South, higher education is more diverse than many people outside the region give it credit for.


Why do some cats seem to get along with other cats? Their hormones offer a clue.

Despite a reputation for preferring to share space on their own terms, cats often live in groups. This behavior may seem contradictory, but new research suggests it’s a curious consequence of domestication — and biological factors can help explain why some felines may embrace their fellow cats more than others.

In a study published Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE, scientists link displays of cat behavior to hormones and the gut microbiome. These elements shape interactions among cats and may explain how they tolerate cohabitation despite their solitary nature.

For example, the study found that cats with lower cortisol and testosterone levels were more tolerant of other cats and more willing to share food. Cats with higher levels of these hormones were less likely to interact with their fellow study participants. Meanwhile, cats with higher testosterone levels were also more likely to try to escape the room where they were observed.

Researchers at Azabu University in Japan conducted the study.


The Japanese are well-known cat lovers

Gun-makers tell Congress mass shootings are a 'local' problem not caused by 'inanimate' firearms

The chief executives of two leading gun manufacturers called mass shootings “local problems” that cannot be blamed on “inanimate” firearms when asked by a House panel Wednesday if they accept responsibility for selling the assault-style rifles used in most of the recent massacres.

The CEOs of Daniel Defense and Sturm, Ruger & Co. condemned the attacks in Buffalo, New York; Uvalde, Texas; and Highland Park, Illinois, while testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

They said such mass murders needed to stop but balked when they were asked whether their companies would stop selling assault-style rifles.

“I believe that these murders are local problems that have to be solved locally,” said Marty Daniel, CEO of Daniel Defense, the company that made the rifle used by the Uvalde gunman to kill 19 children and two teachers.

Asked by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., the committee chair, whether Daniel will “accept personal responsibility” for his company’s role in that shooting, the CEO said the “murderers are responsible” before Maloney cut off the rest of his answer.

Christopher Killoy, CEO of Sturm, Ruger & Co., also deflected blame, saying the “firearm is an inanimate object.” Killoy said he does not consider his company’s “modern sporting rifles” to be “weapons of war.”


Worst buck-passing EVER!

The Controversial Plan to Unleash the Mississippi River

The creation story told by the Chitimacha people in Louisiana describes the world in its earliest days as a wide expanse of water. Then the Great Creator instructed crawfish to dive down and bring up a bit of mud. Geologists tell a similar tale, though their sculptor is the Mississippi River: For thousands of years, it dumped soils stolen off the continent into the Gulf of Mexico. Thus the river formed its delta, a vast and muddy and ever-changing landscape where the water once forked into many paths to the sea.

These days, though, the river is largely restricted to one channel. Imprisoned within artificial levees, it’s no longer able to deposit its mud according to hydrological whim; instead, the river spits its sediment into the abyss of the deep sea. The consequences are grim: The existing mudscape is sinking. The ocean is rising. Over the past nine decades, more than 5,000 square kilometers of delta land in Louisiana has disappeared.

Few places are going faster than Plaquemines Parish, which encompasses the muddy land along the river’s final 100 or so kilometers, where New Orleans’ exurbs give way to a smattering of rural communities. (A parish is the local equivalent of a county, a remnant of Louisiana’s French colonial history.) One morning last summer, as we weave in his skiff through the parish’s marshland, Richie Blink tells me that the federal government has recently deleted 30-odd names from local nautical maps. Fleur Pond, Dry Cypress Bayou, Tom Loor Pass, Skipjack Bay: All have become undifferentiated, unlabeled expanses of open ocean.

Now, the state government wants to open a gap in the levee to divert some of the river’s muddy water back into the marshes, allowing the river to resume its old task of construction. Work on the gap could begin in early 2023, assuming that the US Army Corps of Engineers, the federal agency that oversees waterway infrastructure, grants its official approval later this year. The Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion—which is named for Barataria Bay, where the released river water will build a new “subdelta”—has been under discussion for years, but now, on the eve of destruction, it’s come under a firestorm of criticism from shrimpers worried about their livelihood; homeowners concerned about flooding; and environmentalists dismayed at the potential loss of bottlenose dolphins, a federally protected species. The diversion is intended to build new marshland, but it’s sometimes depicted as the latest assault on the region’s rural communities—which, according to critics, are about to be sacrificed again for the sake of nearby urban New Orleans.


Long, fascinating, and totally worth the read
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