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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Current location: New Orleans
Member since: Wed Jul 20, 2011, 10:14 AM
Number of posts: 10,175

About Me

Well lets see, stuff about me... Veteran, Navy Admiral's Staff 2nd Fleet. I practice Kendo as my primary martial art. I am also a ranking Iaidoist (Japanese Sword). Working on a Master's in International Forensics' Accounting. Filmmaker, originally commercials, now working on my first feature comedy film, should be released Summer or Fall of 2016.

Journal Archives

Tea Party America BBC Documentary

Harry Houdini "Mysteries & Scandals"

How Houdini DIED (in Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 108

I get my staples from hip replacement surgery out today!!!! Music Video to Celebrate Melancholy Sky"

Thirteen days since the operation am hobbling around. Found that oxycodone is my friend. Lots of surgical Pain still, but the chronic pain is gone!!!!

Dr will remove the staples this afternoon!!! Dr said I can go back to practicing Kendo in 6-9 months!!

Fukushima Responders Starting To Get Sick

A Man Hired Multiple Assassins To Kill His Son's 'World Of Warcraft' Avatar

Economics professor Mark Perry points us to a fascinating story.
A Chinese man reportedly hired virtual assassins to kill his son's World of Warcraft avatar after becoming frustrated with the amount of time his son spent playing the game.

From TGDaily.com:

According to reports, a man in China became so exasperated by the amount of time that his unemployed son was spending playing World of Warcraft that he decided to do something about it. It seems that the lad had quit a software development job after just three months, and was doing nothing to find another one.

Showing, perhaps, a rather limited understanding of how these things work, Mr Feng hoped that killing the 23-year-old's character off repeatedly would put him off playing altogether - and hired virtual assassins to do just that.

According to the Sanqing Daily, he managed to find killers who were at a much higher level than his son - despite all his hours of game play.

"Markets in everything," writes Professor Perry.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/father-hires-assassins-to-kill-sons-wow-avatar-2013-1#ixzz2osRE9tPU

Eric Kandel: Creativity, Your Brain, and the Aha! Moment

Lawrence Krauss: Quantum Computing Explained

Watching quite possibly the most racist Sci Fi movie I've ever seen

INCOMING TRANSMISSION ......Source: Intergalactic Trash Cinema Review Board.......Subject: "Dracula 3000" ........Composition: 40% Dracula film --30% Ultra-Low Budget Sci-Fi -- 30% 1990's Urban/Gangsta .............MESSAGE BODY: Recommend audience avoid. Mildly inventive direction unable to compensate for poor screenplay and ludicrous scenarios. Fun factor also found unacceptable in test audience: "Flak Magnet & WTF Junction." Project only marginally acceptable as unintentional comedy. Highlight 39min mark: "Coolio" monologue as Renfield, although hilarious, unable to merit recommendation of time waste. 1.5 star equivalent rating...........END TRANSMISSION

They took the plot of The Event Horizon, then they took some very hard drugs, and they rewrote it in their own words. Adding a lot of shockingly racist stereotypes, that made the black characters into a couple of crude, dumb oafs (with references made to their race being the cause of it). It was just bad in all ways. Plastic Halloween decorations being passed off as human remains...films haven't gotten away with that since the 70s. It wasn't even funny-bad, it was just horrible.

Still making my way through it, like watching a train wreck or one of the insipid gender wars threads

I need drugs!!!! or booze or something! At least its takes my mind off the hip surgery pain, and thats quite alot!

An expose of the new Cat Thread Threat:Al Qaeda Attacks Internet With Photo Of Adorable Piglet

Today piglet's, tomorrow cute kittens. Its just a matter of time.
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