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limpyhobbler's Journal
limpyhobbler's Journal
July 31, 2012

Cornel West & company explain why they are socialists..

This video seems pretty cool. I agree with most of the stuff in this video. The audio is kind of lousy but still I like it. Thanks to the person whoever posted it on Youtube for making it available.

July 29, 2012

Stop the Frack Attack, Rally and March, July 28, Washington DC


More than 5,000 people from all over the nation, and various parts of the world including Australia, united today (July 28) on the West lawn of the U.S. Capitol demanding Congress take immediate action to stop fracking. After the rally that began at 2 p.m., rally participants marched for more than one hour, stopping at the headquarters of the America’s Natural Gas Alliance and American Petroleum Institute.

People impacted by fracking in their communities joined forces with 136 local and national organizations to call on Congress to Stop the Frack Attack and protect Americans from the dangerous impacts of fracking.

Rally speakers included, Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org; Josh Fox, producer of Gasland; Calvin Tillman, former mayor of Dish, Texas; Allison Chin, board president of the Sierra Club, and community members from swing states affected by fracking.

“As the increasingly bizarre weather across the planet and melting ice on Greenland makes clear, at this point we’ve got no choice but to keep fossil fuels underground. Fracking to find more is the worst possible idea,” said McKibben.


Thank you ecowatch.org
July 20, 2012

We need tax treaties. End tax havens like Switzerland & Caymans.

Perhaps we can work this into the WTO or the TPP ??

Oh wait I forgot international trade treaties only exist to serve the wealthy, not promote healthy economies. Bummer. I guess we are SOL.

July 19, 2012

Community Members Hold Vigil for Worker Killed in Gas Explosion and Testify at City Council Meeting

Following an explosion yesterday at a natural gas well in Bolivar Township, Ohio, that left a 19-year-old worker dead, local residents gathered last night at Chesapeake Energy’s Canton office to protest Mayor Healy’s request that the Canton City Council approve the company’s plan to lease city-owned land for fracking.

Mourning the death of the oil and gas worker, protestors marched in a silent vigil to Canton City Hall, where they testified in opposition to the Mayor’s plan before the Canton City Council.

Earlier this year in Healy’s State of the City address, he dubbed Canton the “Utica Capital,” clearly demonstrating his support for the controversial practice of shale gas drilling. But a growing number of residents and concerned council members are now working to block his efforts to drill on city-owned property.

Kristine Vaughan, local coordinator for Food & Water Watch, said, “We are asking city council to uphold its responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of Canton residents and water customers. Risking permanent contamination of our city water supply for a short-term gain hardly seems logical. I’m certain that neither Mayor Healy nor city council wants to jeopardize the health of their constituents for a budget band-aid.”

July 18, 2012

1 dead in Bolivar well explosion

One person was confirmed dead from an oil- and natural gas-well explosion Monday morning, but authorities will need additional time to provide positive identification of the victim and an exact cause of the explosion that sent flames and an oil holding tank high into the sky and created a blanket of intense heat that could be felt across the street.

The explosion, believed to have occurred about 9:30 a.m., was in Lawrence Township at a site about two miles south of Bolivar in the vicinity of Bolivar Group Home at 10071 State Route 212, near the Wilkshire Hills subdivision.

Dr. James Hubert, Tuscarawas County coroner, said late Monday that the victim’s name won’t be released until identity is confirmed through the use of dental records. Hubert said once the victim’s dental records are acquired and examined by a specialist, he should be able to confirm the victim’s identity by the end of the week.

The victim, believed to be a 19-year-old male, was painting at the well site, according to Bolivar Fire Capt. Marty Huth, who served as incident commander at the scene Monday.


July 16, 2012

Breaking: Ohio Residents Blockade Fracking Wastewater Injection Well Site

Ohio residents are blocking access to an injection well in Trumbull County this morning, protesting the failure of Ohio regulators to adequately test and monitor the dumping of toxic fracking wastewater in the state.

Trumbull County residents, along with supporters from Frack Free Mahoning and Ohio Fracktion, are gathered at the well site on Sodom Hutchings Road in Vienna Township, to express concerns about the contents of the 1,000 gallons of fracking wastewater that spilled along five miles of road in Fowler Township, a nearby residential area, on July 7.

They are demanding that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) begin testing out-of-state frack wastewater that is being injected into more than 170 wells throughout Ohio. One protester has locked himself to the gate to prevent trucks carrying fracking wastewater from entering the site.

According to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) spokesperson Mike Settles, emergency responders conducted only a simple pH test of the fracking wastewater that spilled along the roads of Fowler Township. As far as further testing for radiation, heavy metals and other chemicals that could be present in the spilled fracking wastewater, Settles explained that the OEPA doesn’t “have the resources” to perform testing unless there is a “legitimate concern” of environmental damage. However, thick, rust colored residue was still visible on the road one week after the spill.

July 16, 2012

beats me, but here are some ideas

I won't even pretend to understand banking and finance. Much more interested in justice and protecting people from abuse.

As far as consumer credit goes, I think a much smaller not-for-profit credit reporting system would be better. It may not be as precise at determining risk levels. But then America does not exist to minimize risk for banks.

The idea is that we should err on the side of protecting people, instead of protecting banks. Banks don't have any natural right to collect information about people they aren't even doing business with and use it to potentially ruin their lives. But people do have a right to be free of slander, bullying, and abuse by banks. If credit bureaus are abusive it is within the legitimate realms of conversation to talk about ending them, and replacing them with something that is designed from the outset with consumer protection in mind.

July 16, 2012

I'm just saying we should use all legal means to control the credit bureaus and end them.

I was just kidding about throwing them in Guantanamo. Unless that's legal now.

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