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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,006

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Accepting anything of value from a foreign national for your campaign

is a crime.

'T Rump Blubbers.'

He's going bananas on twitter because all his decades of criminal acts are catching up to him. So the anonymous repug is full of it.

Agreed. Foreign nationals contributed a thing of value.

Twitler and his people received a thing of value.

They conspired to commit this illegal activity, and conspired to pay off the foreigners with sanctions elimination, settling the Previzon case, giving the russians syria and crimea. Quid pro quo.

I remember when 'citizen journalist' Pimpy O'Keefe tried to create a sting operation, during the '16 campaign, to catch a low level Hillary Clinton campaign worker selling a Clinton for Prez t-shirt to a Canadian. His operation failed, like usual, but it would have been earthshaking if the Clinton campaign made $5 from a foreign national, according to the repugs.

Rudy always starts lisping, sounds like his mouth if full of shit, when he knows he's trying to pull off an especially outrageous lie.

First time I heard the name William Tomasello.

Friedrich's partner, the partner who's the cut out connection with the Gambinos and Genoveses.

Lurching around, staggering from one self-induced craptastic f*ck up and disaster

to another. To another, etc.

Typical repug president. He took apart the air conditioner, broke the front window, dismantled the stove and fridge, then the water heater, and washer dryer. The pieces are all over the ground in the kitchen and basement. Now he'll amble out to the garage to work on the family auto.

11, out of the 40 - 80 member freeDumb caucus nazis.

While ~ 4 dozen repug congress critters won't even try to run for re-election, due to scandals or they just know how bad they're going to get blown out in the next election.

More repugs leaving than the low estimate number for the teabag repugs. And they can't even get the 40 from the low end estimate to sign on to their impeachment, can only get 11 of them.

Can't read the ABC link, but these 11 must be the cream of the crop, in terms of teabag nazi bircher repugs. The elite.

Psy war makes you feel bad. Mos Def. rec, nt

Right, his 'criminal' lawyer, the criminal associate who is his right hand lawyer, taped him.

He taped the nation's top law enforcement officer, and threatened him.

We're supposed to see those facts and come away thinking 'tRump is law and order'. Squeaky clean.

About that "his approach is working" line,

it could be pointed out that, even while living in his own alt reality bubble,

he and his flunkies think it's important to convince conservative VFW people to 'stick with us.' Order them to, beg them to, whatever. Smell that desperation.

And every time he has to say fake news, it's the same thing. Convince, order, beg, his own people to not fall away. And he has to say this stuff all the time, a zillion times a day, everyday.

Stick those lines in the memory hole.

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