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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

ameriKKKan KKKristianity

has ALWAYS been racist and pervasive. Hell while viewing 'I am Not Your Negro' last evening I saw nuns in the crowd that was shouting kill the n******. How many others from different religions, especially Southern Baptists were screaming with distorted hate filled faces full of god's love for all... Thesetypes in the churches I attended made me call it quits with organized religion in middle 80's. I still studied until 2000 and then I said "fuck this shit".

teacher, narrow minded

RW ore than likely virulently racist idiot, student, hero of first degree and had no reason to stand up and pledge to a country that committed genocide against the First-american peoples. Hope some justice comes her way soon for her choice to stand up for what's right. Hell if I was a student today I would not stand on pledge and and I turn my back or take a knee with the playing of national anthem.

Ok, so he "recused" himself

it's still HIS Justus dept. All his underlings will do is follow the same obstructionist path that alabama racist sessions would have followed, it seems. Maybe there is more integrity in that department, yet hard to believe with this administrations and it's goons gumming up and trying to destroy our political system


with idiots like this 'allegedly' creating stupidity like this in the name of love we'll be divided and and chaotic like the RW. We cannot let the mentally ill among us to create diversionary talking points for the nazis in the WH. If he did something like this, he should be punished to the full extent of the law or hospitalized, if found mentally unfit for trial.

I'd like to know

why were all these contacts, by so many trump people with the goddamn russians, made!!!???!!! Collusion? Treason? Sex? What???? In the case of trump, perversion???? What?

Alabama racist liar and

ameriKKKan TRAITOR!!! Aldrich Ames comes to mind. Also, blackmail comes to mind as already having happened, how else could the russians have possibly known where and how to hack our election system?? I wish we could find the contacts boy-potus had with the russians and how much money exchanged hands in 'dealsl' between boy-potus and russia when he was a private citizen engaged in his con man businesses.

I sure would like to see an unwashed version of trumpchumps taxes. By now they have probably been 'cleaned up' by an army of accountants and lawyers.

the republiKKKans

are the most dangerous foe ever faced by DECENT americans of every race, creed, religion. Prezidents Bannon, miller, trump and advisors duke, jones, pence, sessions, ryan, oconnell and 66million boy-potus voters are our enemy. Yes, ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!! Civil War II is in motion and sides have been declared. At the bottom of this whole fiasco? RACISM and virulent hate of 'others' by white americans and their UNCLE TOM and other supporters from every subgroup and minority... I hate them just like they hate me.

I just viewed 'I Am Not Your Negro'

the James Baldwin treatment of racism and ignorance in ameriKKKa that honestly, to me, gives a great overview of how and why we have arrived at this time in history because of white hate, ignorance and stupidity that has ALWAYS been here in this country when it comes to race relations.

The juxtaposition of the Medgar Ever's, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King's assassinations was something I realized long ago and now this film has shown me I was right in my thinking. While I didn't have all the pieces surrounding those murders outside of the fact of white fear related to strong black men standing up to those racists of that time, I now see more. And the more is about, as I have constantly mentioned here, how the undercurrent of racism, hate, the demand for white entitlement in all areas of american life stays constant and how this current wave of racism, murder and ignorance as experienced with the boy-potus election is just a continuation of 400 years of oppression of whites concerning PoC, Native american and African, and our position as a pivot point for the survival or destruction of american culture and if destruction is the outcome of this new wave of stupidity by trump, bannon, miller, duke and jones, the bloodshed and misery in everyone's future is guaranteed and on the head of the racists in ameriKKKa...more later as I digest more on an intellectual and emotional plain. James Baldwin was truly one gifted prognosticator and observer of ameriKKKan culture.

I would have liked a little more heat, but well worth the viewing.

so she lied to

keep up her identification with AA. Boy white people and some black people sure are pissed off about this. I wish more white people could identify as/with AA, maybe some of this goddamn sessions, bannon, duke, jones, miller slick dog whistle and overt racism would be countered and maybe disappear. But nooooo...gotta be black or white, nothing in the nuanced areas allowed. I don't give a damn that she is "biologically" deemed white by racist and ignorant classification systems and people that allow apartheid to be continued by many other names in this country and the world. I am sorry for her that people are so ignorant.

well I hope

these latest revelations bear some fruit..rotten fruit that falls to the ground to be forgotten.

Looking at this photo I get what a MEAN, VICIOUS alabama slave holder must have looked like in the days when ameriKKKa was great like they want it to be now, again. Kill all the First americans, again, enslave the brown people, again, put women back into the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, again, the brown people not born here got to leave or get shot down for being in the great ameriKKKans country, the gay person better not stand out, and.......whatever else made ameriKKKa great.
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