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Member since: Wed Aug 8, 2012, 02:00 PM
Number of posts: 13,340

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Folks, need your help with a White Supremacist website, if you care to help. (UPDATE 8-16)

This website:


It's run by a local shitlord in my city. This website is hosted by GoDaddy.

I am trying to get them to pull his website.

If you care to help, please go to this page:


And select report abuse in the lower right.

Select inappropriate conduct and then violence.

I used this quote as evidence of promoting violence:

"Great Victory against the commie left in Charlottesville,Virginia. We will be back with more rally's! Save our history and don't let the commie marxist erase our history that our four father's died for."

I said "Great Victory" celebrates murder, and the "more coming" is a threat, but pick your flavor of awful to object to if you like.

And yeah, the dude is nearly illiterate.

Update 8-16: They apparently got him to remove the test about the UTR rally. The website still promotes all kinds of hate, including a "game" called "Racial Holy War." I can;t seem to submit anymore complaints, but maybe some folks here can.

NYT vs. WaPo....

So, who's winning the race for the Pulitzer!?

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