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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 18,003

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I haven't seen every press conference coming out of Florida.

But most of them I have seen, I notice the first thing the speaker does is to praise DeSantis for his wonderful leadership skills. It sounds like something in a third-world dictatorship.

For the first time ever,

I feel like the courts are moving at the pace they should be for Trump's case. I really think he thought this Special Master bullshit would delay things for six months to a year.

I wonder if Eric and Don Jr.

realize how lucky they are that their dad probably thought they were too stupid to be involved in the sale of classified documents and likely had Jared do much of the heavy lifting.

Just call me the tomato hoarder.

This year we decided to scale back the garden a bit. We usually plant 4-6 tomato plants. This year we only planted two, a roma and an early girl.

We blanch them then peel and bag then freeze them. Right now I have 16 quart freezer bags of them in my freezer. We are picking 15-20 of them every day and the plants have hundreds of tomatoes on them still. I've never seen so much production from two plants.

I'm going to buy a copy of Jared Kushner's book.

You know, in case there's another toilet paper shortage.

Well, I finally tested positive. **Update 8/27** see post #20

We went and visited the great grandchildren over the weekend. The oldest one started Kindergarten last week. The second day we were there, she started with some sniffles. Probably something she picked up at school. Never got real bad and she's already over it. After we got home yesterday, I started to notice a mild sore throat. No fever, no aches, maybe a slight bit of fatigue, but even that is going away as I drink my coffee. Sore throat is gone, and my sinuses were a little blocked up when I woke up this morning. A benadryl pill is already clearing that up.

Hopefully, I'm one of those who gets away with mild brief symptoms because I've had four shots. My wife's symptoms are a little worse than mine, but she is resting comfortably. The good thing is, even if she has a rougher time than I am having, I feel well enough to take good care of her.

So I ordered eight new test kits for Covid

from the USPS website I saw on this forum. I ordered them on Wednesday and they arrived here today. (Yay, USPS?)

The use before date on them is four days ago.

Are the use before dates all that serious? All of my other ones I had were expired, which is why I ordered these.

I'm a really good singer.

As long as there's no one else in the car with me.

So I wonder

if they will search any of Trump's other residences? It would seem logical to me.


My favorite melon if not one of my favorite foods period. For the last three to five years here (Northern California) the cantaloupes have been terrible. Dry, very little flavor and if there is flavor it's somewhat bitter. I just figured it was the drought and that's the way it was going to be.

This year, like usual I bought one as soon as the season started with low expectations. To make a long story short, they are fantastic. I've eaten about 15-20 of them from different sources, supermarket, roadside produce stands, even the food banks. They have all been great. Good prices, too. How are they where you live?
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