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sanatanadharma's Journal
sanatanadharma's Journal
July 31, 2021

The modern phone is a tool, as a gun is said to be

The problems arise when one confuses and mixes up one's essential-self with the paraphernalia of one's desires.

No one acts without the expectation of desired results. Who will engage in actions towards a goal that is known to unachievable?
Again, the problems arise when people incorrectly impose their fantasy lives upon objective reality.
"I want" overwhelms "I know" and "I know" is mistaken for "I feel".
Some live in fear of snakes in the grass, when the reality is simply that they are looking at lost lanyards on the lawn.

When one is motivated to save children from being eaten by their democratic neighbors, no action is likely to solve the imagined but not-real problem. Those living in delusion can never see through the illusions of their their own discomforted minds and thus never achieve piece of mind, heart and being.

July 30, 2021

Does not his bible say not even a bird nor blade of grass or something...

...suggesting that their God is the sole source of all and knows it. God gets involved, as the Biblical plague stories show, when folk need a bit of a folk-over.

Thus, obviously, the Corona Virus is God telling us to just stop, consider life, respect each other, and cease being so wrongly self-righteous.

Because too many poor excuses walk among us, pretending to be part of humanity (not the same as human), God as corona-virus continues changing, keeps boxing all our ears until the stupid finally hear.

God will not be kind to them at the Pearly Gates.

(All illusions to the reality of Divine worlds are borrowed temporarily from the true-believers. Your paradise may vary from that pictured in the brochure)

July 29, 2021

I don't understand; don't we begin teaching "gender" from the first name

To be born is be assigned a gender in the world as it is.
The body is given by nature.
The conscious being doesn't always get his/er first karmic choice and one may find the later-self searching for ways to get things right.

Teaching gender is what parents, family, friends, neighbors, society and culture do from the very first doo-doo.

Our children and their parents, family, friends, neighbors, society and culture would all benefit if we began teaching our kids that they are not confined, bound, limited, restricted by any identity labels (gender, IQ, beauty, brilliance).
(I, she-he-it-they) we are the limitless-conscious-beingness that knows the comfortable and the disconcerting.

The mysteries of the karmic tapestry are more and less than appear.
A vast spectacular scroll, woven from the colored results of our and others' actions; warp and woof are the given and the chosen realities of our lives. This scroll of the entirety of the countless stories of life's actors, from stage to stage in an endless show, can never be seen by one within the scene.

July 26, 2021

He is in fact delusional, regardless of any other factors

Trump is exceedingly subjective in relating to the world. His rational-objective understanding of 'what is' and motivations for 'I want' are limited due to his narcissistic psychology.

He may have developed reliable techniques to dominate others to get his needs met, but has no objectively observable humanity.
Delusions directly destroy the human trait of compassion.

The more "me" in one's mind, the less "We" and that elevation of the one "I" above all other "I"s, such that there is no other value beyond "Mine", is in fact a delusion.

July 16, 2021

Read about the Florida land boom post WW1 and the 1929 market collapse

I may be wrong, but I remember being informed about the Florida land boom and its role in the post WW1 economic surge that collapsed in 1929 because there wasn't enough real value behind the speculative market.

The south Florida high rise boom seems to be backed by actual infrastructure and actual working humans (see Adam Smith).
But, when the buildings fall into the sea, we will no longer see people gathered, working, spending and generally shoring up the promise for the future that keeps too many of us saying "the rich deserve it, they earned it" BS.

The current world-capitalist system of "suck-up" is a 'swamp' without foundation; the rock and stone of stability is no longer regularly repaired with the mortar of reinvestment
Rather, the rich continue sequestering the bed-rock capitol as personal wealth; thus bridges collapse, generations are go uneducated, towns are poisoned, factories abandoned, etc.

July 12, 2021

Another data point showing the immorality of wealth accumulation.

People dumpster diving for food and sometimes shelter because the economic wealth of the nation is so poorly used.
Those who hunger for more caviar eat their own souls!

1.5 million dollar games and spaceflights for 'Gods' Chosen who are definitely producing thousands of dollars an hour all by themselves and for themselves only, because only the lazy and worthless are hungry.

Not sarcasm but rather anger!
Wealth is not what is produced by the commons or deserved by the industrious; wealth is that excess that is not used to generate jobs and economic activity; it is economic flow tucked into the mattresses of the rich who can't consume their cake fast enough, and vacuum up their own crumbs.

July 12, 2021

Not to be critical but my theory is that racism...

Not to be critical but my theory is that decades and centuries of racism have systematically generated inequalities that affect generation after generation of people with only one thing in common.

What could it be that causes the colorless to be blind to the continued, constant, crapping on those who are not colorless?
If the causes are not systematic, then individuals can not justify the existence of racism upon anything other than their own heartlessness and stained souls.

"Nationally, FEMA denies requests for help from about 2 percent of applicants for disaster aid because of title issues. In majority-Black counties, the rate is twice as high, according to a Washington Post analysis, in large part because Black people are twice as likely to pass down property informally."

July 8, 2021

I have no conclusive evidence that other human beings feel pain as I do

Why shouldn't I think that humans are just hard-wired to pull a hand back from the fire.

After all, plenty of materialist, scientist minded people seem to deny that consciousness (the knower of pain) is any more than an epiphenomena of electro-chemical activity in the body-mind-sense-complex that we call "I" or me.

If consciousness is only an add-on to the fundamentally real and thus dispensable, there is no difference between lobster and man except the complexity of their feelings, fantasies and dreams.

All life is sentient, in my opinion-understanding. All life forms are aware of their environment and I doubt that only higher life forms seek to avoid discomfort and pain due to feelings rather than programming.

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