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sanatanadharma's Journal
sanatanadharma's Journal
September 8, 2021

Not disagreeing, pointing out "ignorance' equals 'ignoring'

When the truth is out there, continued 'ignorance' equals 'ignoring' that which is there to be known.

The "why?" is that they are ignorant of the nature of their self and the human condition of being part and parcel of the whole, in-separately connected with the totality. Personal desires are mistaken as the summum bonum in warped worlds.

It is the false understanding of "self" that underlies the ability to ignore other selves as unworthy.
It is the false understanding of self that births selfishness and the motivational need to NEVER be wrong.
They know what they are doing but ignore the harm they do.

Too many exist in ignorance of dharma, right path, ethics, morality and kindergarten sharing.
Having been taught right from wrong, they continue ignoring the results of wrong actions while believing only they are deserving.

One who correctly understands "self' is capable of humility and change and thus is not attached to the tatters of worn-out beliefs. Such ones willingly redress the self in other than the 'emperor's new clothes.

September 7, 2021

This is actually quite good; about the psychology of ignorance of the nature of "Self"

The idea of casting the light of inquiry upon 'our childhood' is not wrong. It is very limited though because the same hypnotic socializing (identity building) continues throughout life. It is natural to believe that the life we live is the normal, and thus good for all.

A deeper understanding of the problem and appropriate responses can be had by substituting the idea (word) 'childhood' with 'self-identity'. Objectively self-identity changes over time. Subjectively, the self never sees discontinuity in identity. The baby, the child, the youth, the adult, the elder; the body, ideas, desires, experiences all change in time. Certainly we change our minds.
But we never know ourselves to be absent, to be not-existent. I am the constant consciousness existent in all times of my life; past, present, future (hopefully); awake, asleep, dreaming; happy, sad, indifferent.

Everyone has the a-priori experience of knowing "I am, I exist".
What or who I am is however poorly known. Or perhaps better understood as having been mixed-up with (covered over by) myth, untruth, limited truth, wrong ideas, more, worse.

As suggested in the video, our normal when growing up is rooted in the norms of parents, family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and eventually lovers.
When the teachers are poorly taught, when the teachers' agendas take precedence over the teaching and the taught, when the mores of the local culture lean towards sociopathy (to put it bluntly), the child is wrongly taught.

When the truth of what it means to be existent consciousness in the manifest world is not taught nonsense exists, and though it makes no sense, nastiness becomes the norm.

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