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Member since: Sat Nov 10, 2012, 06:30 AM
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American democracy.

From the moment a founding father ever even used the term "democracy" among his peers there have been those who so despise the concept of government by the people that they have continually fought against it. The current outrages are the contemporary versions of their objections and excuses. It was never a given that one man would have one vote. But it is a fundamental truth that the principle of "one man one vote" defines democracy. All the problems our nation has had and continues to experience stem from persistent perversion of voting principle and process. The good thing is that since the problem is so basic it makes it just that much easier to repair. There is no currently pending legislation that holds a candle to the importance of federal election standardization. I expect there will also be no legislation so passionately fought against since the freeing of the slaves. The deafening noise we hear in the background is the echoing roar of ancient compromise.
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