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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,520

Journal Archives

There is level of culture within the

police force nationwide that sees certain groups of people as less than worthy of decent respectful treatment, deserving of being treated as the dregs of society. Their instinctive reaction is to control, not communicate. Their attitude and mannerisms almost always convey that. Any POC who's been traffic stopped will confirm this. It's another problem we have to defend against.

This of course is pure speculation on

my part. Long suspected his long preoccupation and nervousness with his Russian financial connection, which goes back to the 70s, is linked inexorably with one of Putin's spy paymasters.

The Santos story to date is much

more than a national embarrassment. This Republican is a man who conned his way into lifelong health benefits, and a taxpayer funded income that the average American legitimately work most of their lives to qualify for. Obscene and sickening on so many levels.

There seems to be, at least among some, a

very judgemental inability to see beyond their own preconceived personal ideas of what some very qualified journalists should say, and how they should say it. Their primary broadcast reason is to inform and educate. Alex Wagner has effectively and professionally done that.

The Monarchy was another cog in the

exploitation of worldwide native people. England viewed it's colonies primarily as a supplier of raw materials, which included labor. They also left the majority of those colonies with the basic structures on which to build future good governance, judiciary and educational systems. The question of whether or not their previous colonies were fully prepared for self government, and ultimately independence, is very debatable. The fact that so many of those past colonies chose not to build on those infrastructures is a symbol today of those failures.

Those who knew of his grooming by

Russia beginning in the 70s were also warning he was a asset bought by some of Putin's oligarchs.

Think Alex Wagner was also spot on

when she pointed out that the smallness of trump was so explicitly exposed for all to see. That could be an enormous political chain ball.

Think you are correct. Also worth mentioning

these domestic terrorists are now even more dangerous because of what the failed insurrection has taught them. Many are ex military and police with solid training and organizational skills. And they have been emboldened.

Totally agree with your opinion. We primarily

see and hear the loud and less intelligent magats the media seems to gravitate to. There are many conservative voters who put the preservation of a democratic US before any one person, especially a disgraced crime overlord better suited for the 1930s mob enforcers structure. Suspect they also know this one is much dumber, but more manipulative and hungry for power.

Sadly I have to agree. If as a democracy

we cannot, or fail to do the right thing, then what the hell gives us the right to try to claim the privilege of leading a nation of such great untapped potential?
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