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Profile Information

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,512

Journal Archives

I suspect the climate crisis will accelerate

to a point where it destabilizes politics and society to provide increasing fertile atmosphere for authoritarian rule, or outright dictatorship. The past flagrant political abuse of the rule of law has already provided a roadmap for those that see white christian minority rule as a solution to all problems. Idealism is not a winning strategy to combat the threat. The good news is it doesn't have to happen. But only if we act now.

None of us have the right to tell the Cuban

people what to do, or to deprive them of vital products that supports basic human dignity. Economic success promotes political freedoms in a country such as Cuba. Those that know the Cuban people know that to be true.

Any member of humanity that constantly

thirsts for revenge against perceived enemies, and has absolutely no remorse for the deaths of half a million people he swore to protect is capable of anything. His accelerating loss of control is a direct threat to this nation. It's still not too late to heed the warnings of those who were lucky enough to have survived the fascist murderous leaders they bear witness to.

Wonderful reminder of why we go to the track.

On that level playing field it is only the quality of one's research, the horses themselves and the smile of lady luck that matters. Nothing else.

You literally wake up every day wondering

if the rules that governed yesterday's behavior have been changed for today, and by how much. It's like a dark cloud that inhabits your very soul. It has to be lived to fully appreciate the true value of democracy, and why it's worth fighting for with every ounce of strength in your body and soul.

Crazy idea here. Mcconnell has already

Implied he prefers doing what makes it easier to purge tRump from the Republican Party. By delaying the trial he is giving Schumer two additional votes, while minimizing the personal political blowback from a conviction. Schumer will be in charge. Suspect Nancy is fully aware of this

Putin has always played the geopolitical

long game. His suave thug oligarchs, using money stolen from the Russian people, are the tip of the spears that poke for vulnerable social, political and economic weak points of their targeted nations, Putin then grabs hold of the embrdded spear handles and expertly turns them. The business and political career of tRump is a perfect example. It is also his most spectacularly successful op, surpassing Ukraine and Brexit.

Hawley, Cruz and their seditious gang in Congress think there

will be no political repercussions because voters have a short memory. They are wrong. What they plotted and tried to execute is not some sexual or financial misdemeanor. It was aimed at the heart of this country and what it stands for. The majority of their voters are patriotic Americans, and they will not forget. Any Democrat opposing them will, and should not, allow them to forget. Until then these seditious gaggle of loud mouths should be treated by the media as such.

Don't think it's about trying to stay in power. There is deep within

the Pentagon evidence that could conceivably expose the betrayal of this country by powerful people within the GOP. This is more likely an attempt to get at and destroy that damning evidence. It almost certainly will not succeed. Again, this is speculation on my part.

I suspect only one thing is certain about what the orange stained

Mussolini does after Jan 20 is that he will be looking for the easiest way of making money that will require the least amount of work. He desperately wants to replace his lavish tax payer funded lifestyle, and will be guided by his mob mentality of the law. One obvious option is the selling of state secrets while using it to blackmail vulnerable leaders. Any media business he may control will be like another losing roll of the dice in one of his bankrupt casinos. Whatever he chooses his future will be grim, simply because of the person he is, and has become.
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