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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,512

Journal Archives

There is no doubt Fidel Castro ended up a murderous dictator

by choice in the end, or that with Russian assistance he destabilized sections of Africa, South America, and in quest of an English speaking base parts of the Caribbean that justified the economic embargo. One unintended consequence of that embargo was to preserve Cuba’s natural wonders from industrialization. Today, if Cuba is smart, have the benefit of seeing how other Caribbean islands, and indeed much of the world, have ruined great parts of their environment, and how not to make the same mistakes when development eventually comes, as it surely will.

It was often discussed among certain diplomatic circles

that US policy towards Cuba, and in particular Fidel Castro, was to a large degree dictated by expatriate Cubans in Miami who were at that time more interested in immediate recovery of their often questionable wealth lost to the Castro regime than in the long term interests of both countries, and of democracy itself. The end result of such policies dictated by local politics was to drive Castro into the welcoming arms of Nikita Khrushchev. US policy towards Cuba is still regressive - all one has to do is a superficial comparison with those of Canada and the European countries.

One theory why is derived from what the Sumerians wrote on clay

tablets that man was created by combining the dna of aliens with upright walking mammals to create a suitable slave to do manual work. The book of Genesis claims man was created in the image of his maker. Combine the two, and maybe the old sci-fi movies are closer to the truth. And maybe intelligent life in the vast universe comes in innumerable forms, as well as spiritual energy beyond anything we imagine.

Think aliens have been here and might well have left behind

memorials in stone and worldwide folklore. Scientifically, morally and spiritually they are likely millions of years ahead of us, not five hundred. I also believe that the development of the human DNA could not have happened in a mere six hundred million years, and that the eventual truth will be found when our so called junk DNA is decoded. Maybe we will get confirmation that we are truly of the stars. Hope so anyway.

It seems we have been slow to recognize that for the past two years we

have been watching the slow, insidious and sophisticated installation (think of the gutting of our institutions) of this dictatorship that really speeded up for obvious reasons with the appointment of Barr. The weak underbelly of our democracy is the Justice system which our enemies have been for decades searching for. Think many were slow to recognize this because they clung to the misconception that tRump was simply a useful idiot, when in fact he had behind him a highly trained spymaster with a very specific plan, and as motivation was fully aware of the personal benefits of that plan, a part of which is right now in the process of being instituted by Moscow Mitch. Incidentally, if Moscow Mitch chooses loyalty to tRump over loyalty to the constitution is he by extension being a traitor, and should that not be the main argument against him?

Their explanation on the surface makes no military or political

sense as the assassination strengthens the power of the hardliners in Iran and leaves their command structure essentially intact. Worth thinking about tRump’s abnormal envy of President Obama, his recent call from his handler Putin, the news coverage of his impeachment, Lev Parnas’ imminent release of documents to The House Judiciary, the Deutsche Bank loan report, the opportunity the attack provides to make money on the stock market and finally, Moscow’s attempt to blame our IC for misleading tRump. All food for thought in the era of disinformation.

He knows whatever Giuliani has promotes Russian propaganda, strengthens

tRump, weakens Ukraine and the US while enhancing the Russian hand. Actually it is, or will be, a continuation of the brilliant strategic moves by Putin executed by the traitor in the WH. And l do not buy the concept that tRump is only a useful idiot. He is a Russian asset. Period. That much power in the control of a master spymaster such as Putin is world threatening.

Worth repeating. Putin has a geopolitical plan to restore the old USSR

sphere of influence and expand it. To begin to institute that plan he first had to spend years seeking out the weaknesses in our political system here. He finally found the mother lode in the GOP and tRump. Lifting sanctions is at the top of his list, along with worldwide damage to the reputation of the US. The real magnitude of betrayal by those that swore allegiance to this country and what it stands for has yet to be exposed. Putin is a fanatic that has to be again contained.

Putin will embarrass his puppet currently in the WH only to the extent

that it serves his immediate purpose without permanent damage. When tRump can no longer be of any real value he will still be protected. Putin has a geopolitical plan that conceivably will involve other leaders, and he has that to consider. Plus he has the Republican Party to balance the scale. tRump has a similar problem on a smaller scale with the pardon decisions on his convicted associates, in particular Roger Stone.

Think it is all of the reasons already listed with money being the most

convincing. Putin can also probably prove tRump has participated in espionage activities against the US. He is a truly repulsive monster whose depth of depravity knows no bounds. In dealing with an asset that has absolutely no moral compass Putin knows how to effectively use the ugliness that motivates him.
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