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Enoki33's Journal
Enoki33's Journal
January 8, 2014

Ignorance + racism

I do not have the stomach to listen to Limbaugh. I do read reports of his abuse of the airwaves and this one reinforces the fact that this sorry excuse for a human being, in addition to spouting his racist beliefs, is happy in spreading ignorance. He is probably the single most divisive person in America. How any advertiser can be associated with him is beyond me.

January 5, 2014


In my business I often meet folks who work hard at what they do, have a mortgage, family and food on the table yet are one pay check away from disaster who consistently vote the Republican ticket. When I point out they are voting against their own best self interest and that of their kids they invariably thoughtlessly respond with talking points taken directly from Fox and right wing radio. In a few shocking cases it is their pastor who reinforces those talking points. I fear that the innate selfishness of their message will not change until something disastrous occurs in a personal way.
I regret the unfortunate circumstances and welcome the change of priorities.

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