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Enoki33's Journal
Enoki33's Journal
December 29, 2019

He knows whatever Giuliani has promotes Russian propaganda, strengthens

tRump, weakens Ukraine and the US while enhancing the Russian hand. Actually it is, or will be, a continuation of the brilliant strategic moves by Putin executed by the traitor in the WH. And l do not buy the concept that tRump is only a useful idiot. He is a Russian asset. Period. That much power in the control of a master spymaster such as Putin is world threatening.

November 25, 2019

Worth repeating. Putin has a geopolitical plan to restore the old USSR

sphere of influence and expand it. To begin to institute that plan he first had to spend years seeking out the weaknesses in our political system here. He finally found the mother lode in the GOP and tRump. Lifting sanctions is at the top of his list, along with worldwide damage to the reputation of the US. The real magnitude of betrayal by those that swore allegiance to this country and what it stands for has yet to be exposed. Putin is a fanatic that has to be again contained.

November 16, 2019

Putin will embarrass his puppet currently in the WH only to the extent

that it serves his immediate purpose without permanent damage. When tRump can no longer be of any real value he will still be protected. Putin has a geopolitical plan that conceivably will involve other leaders, and he has that to consider. Plus he has the Republican Party to balance the scale. tRump has a similar problem on a smaller scale with the pardon decisions on his convicted associates, in particular Roger Stone.

November 7, 2019

Think it is all of the reasons already listed with money being the most

convincing. Putin can also probably prove tRump has participated in espionage activities against the US. He is a truly repulsive monster whose depth of depravity knows no bounds. In dealing with an asset that has absolutely no moral compass Putin knows how to effectively use the ugliness that motivates him.

October 24, 2019

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal is wrong, and what's more,

l think they know it, and for whatever political reason have chosen to publish this foolishness. tRump is a cunning and remorseless serial criminal who has either disregarded or bought his way around laws he deemed inconvenient. His self interest and long term survival shows a capability to plan interconnected plots. His great weakness is his inability to manage details due to his overpowering ego and belief in his invincibility. His present dangerous and erratic behavior is probably not a true reflection of his planning ability of past years. Just a layman’s opinion.

October 13, 2019

Would be interesting to compare his total golfing days at his clubs

with before taxpayers started picking up the bill. Suspect present visits are aimed at solving a cash flow problem that golf properties are notorious for. Maybe some journalist will do the investigative work.

October 6, 2019

The IC are spy hunters. They know a Russian agent when they see one

and they have had enough. The enormity of the crimes committed by the whole rotten syndicate masquerading as a government will eventually be exposed. They know where the grubby fingers of crime have not yet reached and are going there with the evidence.

October 6, 2019

I suspect some may think he is witless because his narcissism keeps

getting in the spokes of his overall plan to be the most powerful dictator. He is definitely not a foolish Russian pawn. He is a Russian agent and ideological soulmate of his handler Putin. I deeply believe CI will eventually confirm this.

October 2, 2019

Any government that restructures all branches to benefit one

individual or family is being set up for a dictatorship. tRump is the living embodiment of this nation’s worst nightmare. We dare not ignore your expressed fears.

September 23, 2019

Maybe in trying to save our country we have first to recognize a few

hard cold facts. For decades our enemies have been analyzing and searching for the weakest spots in our system of government while inserting their financial tentacles wherever possible into our politics. They are aware that democracies, and indeed capitalism, can devour themselves. And because we are a nation of laws, if you control the legal system through outright corruption you are well on the way to instituting a fascist dictatorship. In tRump, Putin groomed and instituted the perfect tool. Every day we see this unfolding before our eyes to the extent where there are even some who have replaced their initial outrage with a shrug, not realizing that the prime traitor has progressed to a point where he has no alternative but to be ‘re-elected’. That is the only way he can keep himself out of jail while holding unto his ill gotten gains and continue to cement his evil power. Expect from that prime traitor the worst he can do to the nation while his propaganda says the exact opposite. Right now he has the power to do just that. And that is only some of what we are up against. It is a fight we cannot afford to lose.

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